• A clean bill of health, a celebratory Aneros session, and sweet, powerful Aless following

    Hi guys,
    This past Thursday afternoon, I had an appointment with the orthopedist surgeon for a “final” checkup on my hip replacement surgery which occurred on Sunday January 8, two days after I suffered a hip fracture from a freakish fall at a friend’s house. I give him a succinct account of my nine weeks of rehabilitation at a hospital near the U.S. Capitol and then an account of my continuing recovery since my release to my apartment on March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day. He was impressed by my regimen of daily walks with my cane inside my apartment building and outside in my neighborhood. He pronounced upon me a clean bill of health and told me that I should have a checkup annually on anniversary of my accident in early January. He ended the checkup with the words, “You are an awesome man!”
    I decided to have a celebratory Aneros session this morning. It lasted an hour during which I used in succession, MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic. A few days ago, I found a couple discarded chair cushion in the hallway near the trash room in my apartment. I snatched them up and brought them back to my apartment.
    During the nine weeks earlier this year, a friend from church had rearranged my apartment. He purchased a double bed with a luxurious mattress to replace my futon on the floor. This morning I placed one of the retrieved cushions underneath a towel upon which I have Aneros sessions. The cushion greatly improved the angle of penetration into my anus for my Aneros devices. Hence this morning with this more direct penetration, there seemed to be a quantum leap in the exquisite sensations that MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic provided.
    I like the rib stem of MGX that provides stimulation to my anal canal.This morning I felt acutely that sweet stimulation which revved up my Aless. Maximus, which I cherish for its length, this morning displayed its penetrative power. Progasm Classic has about the length as Maximus, but also has girth. Progasm Classic thus has power!
    Since the Memorial Day holiday falls two days from now on Monday, I plan to have a longer Aneros session, possibly 1.5-2.0 hours long, during which I can savor more leisurely what my Aneros models do for me.
    Right now I am luxuriating in sweet, powerful Aless. My prostate and anal musculature are revved up. Right now I am luxuriating in the sweet sensations arising from stimulating (diddling) my nipples and caressing my hairy pecs and abs which are closely connected to my sexual apparatus (cock, balls, awakened prostate, etc.). The combination of both languid and powerful waves of Aless right now are so sweet!
    I wish to thank those of you who supported me in my recovery, especially @GGringo and @Goldenboy.
    Maybe later on today I will have a leisurely masturbation session with lots of edging! Take care!

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