• 2:18 and I wanted more

    I had woken up with some pleasurable feelings in my prostate and started to encourage them, but decided that I needed sleep. I lubed up an popped in the Maximum and then lay back down to sleep. What followed for the next 5 hours until the alarm went off at 7:30 was blissful state of sleep and wakefulness, with waves of pleasure and orgasms, one big one where my prostate seems to roll itself 360 degrees inside me.

    Finally at 7:30 I snoozed the alarm and let another 20 minutes of orgasms continue before I had to get up, so finished off with an ejaculation.

    Wow! As has been said in the forums, every session is different. I’ve not yet learnt how to say no to more orgasms without finishing myself off with a wet one. Master it I will 🙂


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      03/21/2019at4:08 pm

      So cool! 🙂

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