• 07/09/2016

    I have been having sessions lately that are so different from the rest, different as in… i feel so much more, in fact lots more.
    As soon as i insert a device it seems to quickly, within seconds, put into an orgasmic state.
    i find it puzzling when people state “i had several orgasms” or i had “two super-o’s” for me, you see, I get this over arcing orgasm that doesnt stop, not ever it feels like. Yes there are ups and downs with feelings, but when i have an ‘orgasm’ it lasts minutes at a time, maybe 5-6.
    I had one session today that was my most intense. I got into the orgasmic state which then went away, but then after a while it came back and was so strong that i felt i was going to shoot, but i stayed at this point of intensity for ages! its almost hard to bare….
    I do feel this is as a result of a very intense, wonderful blowjob session i recieved the previous night whereby i felt my prostate swell and spread warmth throughout my body.

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