• Year End Sessions for December 27, 29 & 31, 2012

    Hi guys,
    I didn't have my regularly scheduled session for yesterday, Wednesday December 26, because I had to clean and straighten up my apartment for the exterminator who came by later in the afternoon. It took him only five minutes to make his applications in my kitchen and bathroom. I was relieved when he left speedily afterwards.
    So it was with great anticipation that I got up early this morning for my session. I began my session at 6:35 and concluded it at 8:35, only two hours.
    I used the following sequence of models: Progasm Ice )45 min.( — Helix Classic )30 min.( — Progasm Classic )45 min.(.
    I cannot say how much love and adore both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. It has gotten to the point that I savor both large dimensions of these two big guys for two reasons: )1( The thick stem of these two models give my anal canal and sphincters are good workout. )2( Their huge heads massage my prostate in a big way. All I can say is that I revel in full, big sensations they deliver. Most sessions I work with both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic by devoting large blocks of time to them.
    Sandwiched today between with my Progasm buddies was dependable Helix Classic which again massaged my prostate in direct fashion.
    Unfortunately I was not able to include both Maximus and Helix Syn on in the action this morning. But the morning was slipping away and I had errands to run.
    Saturday morning session:
    Maximus — Progasm Ice — Helix Classic — Progasm Classic — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — Maximus — Progasm Classic
    Duration: ca. 3.75 hours.
    Saturday morning, December 29, I had to outdo myself in having a long, leisurely session with my Aneros first team with the sequence of models stated above. The session started off on a good note with Maximus. He slipped in easily to the hilt as always now. Then I performed a good seven 60 second Kegels upon him and just let the pleasure build. When that happens, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic are pressing upon my perineum and even drilling into my anal canal. At the same time, these big guys are situating their broad heads directly upon my prostate. When all this happens, I can be guaranteed of a great ride from these guys. I spent a good 75 minutes with Maximus Saturday morning.
    Afterwards I spent twenty or thirty minutes with the other succession of models. I exulted in the sleek, smooth autof**king of Progasm Ice, especially when I directed my attention to the his thick stem sliding back and forth through my anal canal and sphincter. The result was unmitigated pleasure as he hit and massaged my prostate over and over again. Helix Classic as always delivered a direct, aggressive massage of my prostate. In many ways, Progasm Classic is the heaviest of my Aneros models in my collection. His absolute weight and girth act as an anchor upon which I can do serious Kegeling and experience what Aneros autof**king is all about. I exult in the realization that Progasm Classic has accepted me as one of his devoted students in the school of Anerosing. He has taught me the close, intimate interrelationship between Kegeling and Anerosing. The Kegels and the Aneros exist for each other. They are in fact symbiotic. The Kegel Exercises through the help of some bate buddies on the Net brought me to the Aneros. So when I began my session with the Helix Syn early last June, I was well prepared by my regimen of Kegel Exercises.
    However both Progasm Classic and his younger brother, Progasm Ice, by their girth, size, and P and K tabs demonstrated this close, intimate relationship of Kegeling and Anerosing. Both these big guys have taught me to Kegel both within sessions with them and outside sessions. They have taught me to do all sorts of Kegels of various strengths and durations which in themselves have introduced to all sorts of nuances of Anerosing. The end result of all this is unbounded, absolute pleasure!
    Now when I worked with Helix Syn, yesterday morning that was when my session took off. Helix Syn with his soft silicone overlay gave me quite a ride with his soft, deft massage action. I experienced all sorts of crescendos of pleasure. Yesterday morning, I tried to enter the Zone of Pleasure and was beginning to succeed when I tried something new. I switched positions from my accustomed back pose to lying on my right side and then doggie pose. This switching of positions dampened what I was beginning to experience on my back. In fact, it caused the remainder of my session to go down hill. At the very end, I tried to work with Progasm Classic. By then I was beginning to experience discomfort and fatigue which caused me to end my session.
    Regarding duration of sessions, the Aneros Wiki advises a limit of 90 minutes. For many weeks, I have been Anerosing between two and three hours, sometimes 3.5 hours. The unbounded pleasure I have been experiencing in the last couple months has caused me to have long session. But perhaps for now on, I should focus on using one, two, or even three models in shorter sessions and see what happens.
    Monday morning session, New Year's Eve.
    Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice — Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Classic — Helix Classic.
    Duration: ca. 3 hours.
    Yesterday morning, New Year's Eve, I finally got up later than usual at 7 a.m. and began my Aneros session at 7:30 a.m. I worked with each of the models on my Aneros First Team at least 30 minutes if not longer. But I was so engrossed in my Anerosing that I was absolutely lost in the pleasure each guy was delivering to my prostate and anal canal. I just lost close track of time. As always, I exulted in the full body action of my Progasm big guys: Yeah, I cannot get enough of the sleek, smooth Progasm Ice and heavy duty, big bruiser Progasm Classic who in the last month or so have become my main man and teacher in Anerosing.
    The Aneros was invented originally as a medical device to enable men to massage their prostates in the privacy of their homes. Thus they were spared the expense and time of visiting doctors for a digital prostate massage. All Aneros models have a P-tab abutment which massages a guy's perineum which covers the bulb of his penis. Likewise the stem of each model massages the musculature of his anal canal and sphincters. So when I use the Maximus, Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic, I exult in how my anal canal is broadly massaged by them. But most of all, when I work with each model on my Aneros First Team, I am struck at how my prostate, when massaged, swells, erects, and become hard, very much like my penis when I masturbate him. Yes, I picture in my mind as all this is happening and enter into the various textures of sensation in my Anerosing. The result of all this is unbridled pleasure!
    Around three hours around 10:30 a.m., it is hard to tell, I finally brought yesterday's session to an end. It was really hard to part with my Aneros buddies. I am so fond of them now. But I had to get to the day's other activities. Now it is New Day's morning. 2013 is a year of uncertainty for many of us in the USA. But my Aneros sessions three/four times week give structure to my life. They are also confidence building exercises in the revitalization of my essential male sexuality and function. They give me much hope. My journey with the Aneros began early last June and has been one of absolute pleasure and delight. I focus upon the pleasure and delight of Anerosing from which greater Aneros blessings may soon happen! Wishing all who read this blog entry a happy and prosperous 2013!

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