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    I'm not sure what happened last night but what I had described as super-Os last week were without any doubt definitely nothing like super-O's.
    What hit me last night was the most extreme pleasure I have ever experienced in my life, and was definitely even beyond what I had in my first few days using the aneros. I wasn't expecting anything like what I was treated to. It was good from the moment the orgasm set in I was out of control being swept along in a river of pleasure, I don't think I was even in control of my breathing to start with. Wave after wave of strong prostate contractions that were more intense and satisfying than anything I have had before to start with, and when I purposely relaxed and allowed those to subside a second sensation grew from deeper inside me that took my breath away and for a few minutes I could only lie with my head thrown back allowing a sensation that was beyond words to flow through me. I couldn't even tell where it was coming from it just completely flooded my body with pleasure.
    I want more of those!

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      07/08/2015at5:19 am

      You should get in the chat room and share this experience with others.

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