• Witholding for 10 days, going to about 22

    Currently on a family vacation for 3 weeks and had my last orgasm 10 days ago and my last ride 12 days ago. Current plan is to go another 10-12 days witholding and the anticipation keeps rising so I keep supressing it. Looking forward to a ride soon!


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      04/18/2017at11:48 am

      Holding off always makes things more intense for me, and if I hold off for about 9 or 10 days I’m virtually assured of a wet dream. Best of luck on your pleasure quest!

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      04/23/2017at9:24 pm

      Getting closer! 3 days minimum to go.
      Its been interesting to surpress any arousal- its been easier than I thought but teasing then supressing has been a fun mental game for the last 3 weeks.

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      06/08/2017at3:21 pm

      Hey, @JD05, please tell us, did you finally cope with your challenge? How do you feel?
      Denying any arousal or even erotic touches for only 24 hours made me going wild. Much easier I could cope with teasing and then suppressing ejaculation for my personal record of 40 days.
      Best vibes!

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      12/03/2017at4:11 pm

      Hi Everyone, sorry for the lengthy delay- the ride was amazing but my patience got the best of me along with expectations. I no try to do only 1 or 2 rides per week and that seems to be working well.
      Hppy rides!

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