• With un-be-lie-va-ble A-less, involuntarily starting on Saturday morning, right after awakening, this weekend began in an awesome way.

    Once again, having enough sleep, about nine hours this time, seems to push things for me beyond belief. Out of nothing, besides my usual morning wood, and although staying totally passive, letting go was leading me to several exhausting SuperOs while finally hovering in a state of sheer bliss. In detail …
    Waking up with a nearly aching boner, sudden p-waves were sent out through my abdomen and up my spine. Still being snoozing I was in a state of totally letting go and watching what was happening to me without at all willingly taking part or trying to push anything anywhere. I only lay there and gave in to those feelings, what seemed to be the best I ever could have done. The vibes became stronger and stronger, first orgasms hovered through my body and took control of my being. Overwhelming lust spread out into every limb and every nerve, fuck, only writing about it, sends me into Aless again.
    [I couldn’t resist to give in for some minutes of Aless, it again was awesome. But back to my Saturday morning session.] Fumbling to snooze the disturbing alarm clock was enough distraction to sense the urge to frequent the bathroom. Coming straight back to bed and laying down again I choose the prone position first, then turned on my right side with my arms along my body. I now felt like sliding down a chute. Going deeper and deeper into a sea of bliss. As if I never had left for the bathroom, Aless at once was back and took over control again. Me doing nothing but letting go and focusing on the feelings. After an hour of bliss with many MMOs, few involuntaries but some decent SuperOs I slowly was taking over command but didn’t yet want to call it a session.
    So I got out my Muze, and, remembering a post I read some days ago, I only put it on my balls to improve their productivity. What a crazy finish. Aless started over and another 15 minutes of bliss began. You must try this, ignore your penis, only stroke your balls one by one with your vibrator, sometimes going down your perineum but never touching your member. What a wonderful edging if you can resist to touch your penis. And, of course, do not cum, but take your lust with you, let it make your day!
    Finally I went to the bathroom again to get washed and dressed up, finding my slip boxer and my cock drenched with precum.
    That’s how I love to start a weekend, guys! 🙂

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      11/03/2017at1:27 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, I am glad that your Aneros session last Saturday gave you great Aless!

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