• why me!!!!!!!

    Hi guys. I'm not in a good mod right now. I just went through one of the most horrific moments in my journey. Let me explain. I'm a 24 year old still living at home with the parents. Trying to save money but after school I'm flat broke so here I am. I can only have complete long sessions when my parents are at work or when they go on there dinner dates. So here is the dreadful story. I'm in my room having one of my hot sessions. I'm moaning, screaming, puckering and rewiring like crazy all while my parents are out shopping. As I'm riding I'm having so much fun reaching new heights. I can feel a HFWO cumming. I'm imagining my sexy man as my Helix syn gets sucked in deeper. Boom I'm cum and it is so amazing. Before i can cum down from my high my dad is knocking on the door.
    All things cum to a complete halt. The cum has dried up and dick is back soft and my helix is afraid. He announces that he's home. Im naked on the other side of the locked door scrambling to fix my self up. I slip my shorts on with Helix still in. Open door with dad looking with a confused look on his face. From the look i know he had to hear me moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me. My dad knows I'm gay and knows I have had sex in the house but he has never heard me. So I'm so scared as to hear what he will say. he walks in looking for the young man that was plowing his son. )I'm a really loud moaner( When he sees no one and sees my laptop closed he is stumped as to were the sounds were coming from.
    I knew I had to explain it all to him but I just didn't know how. so he asked me was there some one in the room and I said no. He asked who was screaming like that & I had to admit and say it was me. He then asked me what I was doing. Then I panicked. I closed the door and sat him down and said I was playing with myself. He thought about it and said these exact words, "what the hell kind of playing was you doing?" Then the sweat cums. i told him softly that I bought a toy that pays with my prostate. He then asked to see it. Oh shit. I forgot I still had it in me. So i told him that I still had it in me. So I have a bathroom in my room so i ran in there cleaned it off and showed it to him. He kind of smiled and said this little thing make you sound like that. i just nodded my head yes. he seemed cool about it. I told him about the website but he said he has no desires of sticking anything up his ass. I didn't try to gain a new customer cause i was already grossed out already.
    Before he left he turned to me and just told me to have better timing when I want to play in his house he pays bills for. I shut the door and thanked god he didn't really want to divest into a in depth conversation about the device. But I'm pretty sure this won't be the last conversation we will have about this.

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      07/21/2013at9:12 pm

      Wow, you have a pretty cool dad buddy!

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