• Why I love diddling or strumming my nipples so much! :-) [Revised]

    Hi guys,

    This is an edited and revised blog entry which I posed in July 2018.

    “But overnight in bed I made an extraordinary discovery how my nipples resemble so much my penis. Guys’ genitals consist at least visibly of his testicles in a scrotum, then the root of his penis, then the penis itself with its shaft, capped by his Glans. Most guys discover their penis as little boys. Guys discover the erotic delight the penis has for them as boys. They discover that they can fondle their penises. The penis loves such attention and produces more pleasure. The penis becomes erect. Boys revel in playing with themselves. They discover that the penis is made for holding and grabbing. Boys instinctively discover the masturbatory grip. Most boys discover for sure when such attention leads them during adolescence: That life changing experience of that first full-fledged orgasm and ejaculation of semen!

    “Unfortunately for many boys and men they don’t realize that their nipples hold exquisite pleasure. But last night as I was caressing my hairy chest and diddling my nipples, I made an amazing discovery that my nipples are much smaller version of penis. My nipples are protrude just a little from my breasts. They are stubby. But those stubs are analogous to the shaft of my penis. But in a sense, they are a miniature version of my Glans. I like to strum my nipples as @roland Htg calls it. Diddling my nipples is essentially strumming my nipples, but also caressing them and circling them with my finger tips on my aureoles.

    “There is a treasure trove of pleasure in my nipples. My nipples are also hard-wired to my prostate, testicles, cock root, shaft of my penis, and especially my Glans. Caress and diddle your Glans. Caress and diddle also the corona and flange of your Glans. You will discover that you have ascended very quickly the Mount of Sexual Arousal and are situated in rarefied air on the high plains approaching the very summit of sexual arousal, the PONR, the point-of-no-return or the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. But linger there, feel the sublimity of sexual pleasure as long as you can, or walk up to that threshold time and time again when you are masturbating or caressing your penile warhead that is your Glans! And when you cum, you will come big, ejaculate a copious load of creamy semen! Oh yeah!

    “You can do the same thing with your nipples luxuriating in the fact that they are analogous to your copulatory member between your legs.

    “Many circumcised guys report that their Glans are relatively insensitive whereas uncircumcised guys report that their Glans which emerges for their retracted foreskin is super sensitive. That may be true. But you can develop what glory your Glans has for you when you diddle, strum it, caress it so sweetly. The same thing is true what you do with your sweet spot right underneath your cockhead, e.g. your frenulum if you have one or the frenulear area if its has been excised in circumcision.”


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      11/27/2021at7:56 am


      Thanks for detaling the fine elements of highly erogenous dick play known to few men, I would think. This takes our being a man to a new level almost instantaneously

      I am m to know if you are diddling one nipple in concert with your other hand carressing your frenulum, or sulcus. That for me is divine and has given me many dry Os, ruined Os, and prostate Os. I wonder also if you have super Os from that kind of dick nipple diddling.

      We have lots to learn from one another.


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