• Where's the off switch? (Revisited)

    Since my last blog, circumstances have meant that I couldn't use the Aneros devices, so all my sessions have been "-less".
    There have been good sessions and not so good sessions. I'm still preferring to use what I'm calling the "stick man" position: flat on back with arms and legs slightly spread. I must have made a mental association between that position and having a session, as within a few seconds of taking up that position I usually start to feel tingling in the extremities.
    Anyway, that's not really what I wanted to write about.
    I mentioned to a few in chat yesterday afternoon that I felt as if my body was calling for a session. Yesterday evening, I'd had a pint of beer (a local bitter) with some friends, got back to the house and gone to bed early (for me), knowing I had an early start today. I had an "Aneros-less" session as part of my preparation for sleep, and then dropped off.
    At some point during the night, I was woken up by the feelings that I get when building up to an O. I wasn't exactly pleased to have my sleep disturbed, so turned over in bed. This normally kills the sensations when I'm driving the session, but that didn't work tonight. It just kept building and building, into the most intense "-less" session I'd had so far. What was also unusual about this session was that the feelings seemed concentrated in the head — at one point I thought I might pass out. (I didn't.)
    When it subsided a little, I found I needed a pee, so visited the bathroom and attended to that. Getting back in bed, the sensations of my body starting a "-less" session began again, unbidden. Thankfully, that was a fairly short session, after which I gratefully fell asleep.

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