• When you just can’t stop.

    Still in SR I decided to have a short gentle session with my Eupho. I felt I needed something just to relax with and ease the constant arousal. Well as often happens with any Aneros session you never know what is going to happen. The first 15 minutes were just what I needed, some lovely waves and again that feeling that ejaculation was imminent. Beyond that time I end up flaccid and then the prostate takes control. I just got deeper and deeper into the session and just let things develop. After a series of orgasms I experience a bit o f lull and then things build again. Then surprisingly as I was enjoying one of these rest periods and floating in a dreamlike state I began to get an uncontrollable body shake and trembling legs. I have not had this since my very first few session when I began to use the Aneros. This time though, as I am more experienced I just let it happen and tried to focus on it, instead of the slight fear I felt during my very first times. Eventually, 2 hours later I had to surrender and sleep, once again amazed at how many differing sensations I had been lucky enough to enjoy. Next morning I had strong Aless and a few mini O’s to remind me.
    Now back at day 1 of SR and feeling slightly flat.

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