• When life just gets in the way.

    I have been enduring a forced break from any Aneros or associated activity for a couple of weeks now. Some house renovations have been ongoing, none of it smoothly. I don’t get too stressed but find I have been just too preoccupied and distracted to contemplate any sessions. On top of this, I caught some kind of a flu bug that took me down for a few days. All of this has just kind of completely blocked any sensations of arousal or withdrawal I would normally expect after almost two weeks of SR and no sessions. It works but I can’t recommend it. However, I feel a reawakening! I am now bug free and hopefully the work is back on track. I am beginning to savour the thought of a well deserved and long overdue session. Just the thought of which model to choose has got me quite hard and horny. Maybe my Eupho Trident with its sleek lines and nimble ways or, my Progasm Jr that is none of that and quite frankly just f****s me from the word go. So, come Friday, or should that be cum Friday, I shall have to wait and see which one gets the nod.


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      05/30/2018at10:50 am

      @Harper Glad to hear that things are getting back-on-track for you. I have found (and blogged) recently that arousal, although good for sessions, can get in the way because it “raises the bar” on expectations. So lately, most of my sessions are “on-the-fly”. Something to put in your pipe! Good luck to you!

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      05/30/2018at12:49 pm

      @Goldenboy. Thanks. Yes, I am trying not to become too focused on it. What will be will be, I have learned that these things can be quite unpredictable.

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      06/06/2018at1:53 pm

      Still hanging on, it’s no good when circumstances aren’t right. When will this end, rather desperate now!

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