• what was this?

    Was this a possible out of body experience?

    I spent the day surrounded by my Imperial cock ring. I have gotten so used to wearing it that I forget it’s even there. I also wore my Master around my balls feeling the wonderful tug every time I would walk. There is something about the feeling of all that weight pulling and swinging between my legs, the tingling it creates pulling on the muscles and tubes, hell I’m getting hard thinking about it writing this a day later.

    I got myself setup before bed with Large. I got in bed on my right side with the lower leg straight and upper leg drawn up, adjusted the twins to let them hang freely than started hugging a pillow. Gently I flexed and fell into a a bit of a trance feeling each subtle movement when everything fell into place. I could feel my pulse in my anus and my prostate was throbbing in sync. I could feel the tip gliding over what felt like a bump with each movement, and each ride up and down this bump increased the pleasure. I slowed my flexing when the pleasure reached a good level to allow my body to take over. Every beat of my heart would cause large to move and tickle me in this one special spot. For 1.5 hours I rode wave after wave of orgasms. As each peak would start to wane I would flex a few times to bring it back up, I was in an endless loop of pleasure. If it wasn’t for the fact that my shoulder was starting to get sore from the position I was in I think I might still be riding this wave of pleasure.

    Reluctantly to give my shoulder a brake I flipped onto my back. I wasn’t ready to end the session yet so I started to stimulate my sweet spot. When I reached down I found the spot was swelled so much it felt just like an engorged clit poking out of my perineum. I started rubbing so slowly at first and the tingling of orgasm climbed so fast I was almost on the verge of passing out but worked to relax more into the sensations. As I increased the speed at which I was rubbing, the intensity continued to increase and rode this orgasm for 30 more minutes. just before it ended I think I felt what can only be described as a body disconnect. I could no longer feel the bed beneath me and I was unsure if I was still moving my finger over my newly found clit. I had reached a point of imagination where I was a woman enjoying all the pleasure that my clitoris was created for. As the intensity started to level off I got a sense of lifting or weightlessness, the same type of feeling one gets when going over the top on a roller coaster. I don’t remember what I was thinking or doing at that moment but wasn’t long after when it came to an end.


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      05/26/2020at10:58 am

      Great job on getting the side position to work. I can only get a great session if I am on my back with my legs bent. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

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