• What to choose, where do I start….disappointment looms.

    So I wanted to test the waters so I decided to get one…but which one. My fetish for slightly larger toys led me to the progasm. The size wasn't an issue I thought so went for it in the blue. At this point I'm still doubting that this was the correct one to go for…I'll explain further later. I ordered from a UK online shop and the anticipation grew waiting for my new delivery. Sure enough the next day it arrived….wow…I'm impressed. Sex toys I'd purchased before arrived usually in a plastic package or a bag but this was different. It kind of reminded me how Apple works with its products. I love the way Apple packages its products and in the sex toy world this Aneros product was great. I opened up the box and there it was before me…the progasm…and shit, wow…yeah that does look quite big. I sat there wondering how this was going to work its way around my anus. But it looked beautifully crafted. I couldn't wait to try and was home alone. I think at this point I'd really not read much into it and the urge to try it meant I didn't read the instructions as well as I should have. I was in a horny frame of mind so whacked on some lube and shoved it in. Getting it in for me was easy. I'd been playing with much larger diameter toys and it slipped in pretty easy and within seconds it was comfortably inside me. So i'm lying there…what now I ask myself? Err the instructions say squeeze so I did. I did this a few times….absolutely nothing. I must have laid there for about 30 mins just squeezing and nothing is happening. My prostate is dead I though. I knew it! It just wasn't designed to give me this extrememe pleasure. Have I just wasted my money on this plastic toy. Disappointed I removed it and just watched some porn and masturbated as normal. Another day maybe and put my progasm back into my toy bag. Maybe this toy is just not for me….or is it?!?!?! ;-(

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