• What the Heck?

    Had another session with the Helix switched over to the Mgx with the handle removed. Didn't expect anything big. Did get some good feelings with it. I'm not getting as bummed out (hahaha I kill me) over not reaching nirvana. My expectations are getting more realistic. Got some muscle twitches. And I tell you that comment one of the guru's in the forum made about "If you don't think this thing is doing something name any other time you have had involuntary contractions in your arms or legs" has really helped to keep me motivated here. I cannot argue with that point. Nearly every session I have at least one of these startling "twitches" On a couple of occasions I get this feeling of well being flow over me and then like a moron I start analyzing why I am having it and if it really has anything to do with sticking something up my butt and then I lose it! ARGGHHHH! Gotta let go.
    Here is the main reason for this entry did my session it was uneventful no big deal. that evening I'm at a public function I stand up and Bam!! out of no where I get this warm tickling sensation in my lower abdomen and this warm fuzzy feeling a real happy feeling. I think it might have been a P wave Oh it was groovy! But this was 6 hours after an uneventful session. My mind was reeling and of course I start analyzing the hell out of it and dissecting it and concentrating on it and trying to reproduce it and it fades away. I remember thinking while it was going on this cannot be happening. It happened.
    I am amused.

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