• What my body wants, very early 8/8/16 session *

    Hi guys,
    Late last night, I was chatting with a straight guy, a Midwesterner, who was sharing details of his sexual life. He is like many married guys who still has a sexual verve in his mid age, while his post menstrual wife doesn’t. So he has found a healthy outlet in his Aneros sessions and having safe sex with some of his buddies. He also work outs at his local gym about six days a week which keeps him physically and sexual fit. I discovered also that we’re both circumcised and thus have large cock heads/GLANS. He enjoys JO with his buddies and having his cock sucked but doesn’t reciprocate.
    He lit my sexual fire last night becaise he enjoys masturbating with his Aneros inserted and loves achieving Super-T’s. That poured fuel on my sexual ardor. So I quickly prepped for a session just after mid night last night. I used models Progasm Jr, Helix Classic, and even Progasm Ivory.
    It was to be another Super-T shoot. Both Progasm Jr and Helix Classic are ideal partners in my pursuit for a Super-T. I used Progasm Jr last night for that. My chat with the hunky Midwesterner gave me an erection which I tried to use with the Progasm Jr. I found the ejaculatory build up but couldn’t maintain that momentum through beating my meat. So I relaxed and reverted to delicate touches and strokes on my still plump cockshaft and bulbous glans. Again sexual sweetness emanated from my pulsating prostate and sexually charged penis throughout my body. Last night I had to break off from my Super-T shoot because it was not working. So I submitted to what my body wanted and settled for usual Aneros session.
    It was then that the Progasm Jr worked his magic on me even further producing the sweetness of sexual energy. Then I fell into a most relaxed rhythmic breathing and a series of subtle Kegels and Reverse Kegels. I then continued with Helix Classic which ministered to me in his own sweet, characteristic way.
    Finally I finished my session with Progasm Ivory which performed admirably with Kegels and Reverse Kegels of various strengths.
    A major consolation of unrequited and unfulfilled Super-T’s these days for me is the sweetest, most powerful Aless I have experienced to date. I will continue to pursuit the Super-T shoot. Here is what I believe will happen: Some day soon, I will have a rockhard erection that would quit. When that happens, I will advance at once to achieving a Super-T and hope to go all the way.
    Also I want to befriend the friendly Midwesterner and continue our sexual banter in Aneros chat. He has much to teach me. I told him that I do suck cock once in a blue moon. But I live in a large city where HIV is very high among gays, blacks, and Latinos. But to be safe, then sorry.
    After three hours sleep, I woke up in Aless which sexually charged erection. After bathing and shaving, I donned a BIKE no. 10 jockstrap for the day. The elastic mesh jock pouch is ideal for performing occasional Kegels and savoring Aless.
    Take care!

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