• What I did during the two week Aneros blog section outage?

    Hi guys,

    What did I do during the two week Aneros blog section outage?

    Well I had several Aneros sessions with my favorite Aneros models: Helix Classic, Helix Syn Classic, Maximus Classic, Progasm ICE, Eupho Syn Classic. The few Aneros sessions I had during the two weeks were one or two these models in the standing position which I discovered that twenty minutes were sufficient, but also gave me stupendous Aless nonetheless.

    It was really during night in bed that my Aless and how I interacted with it really took off. Wearing a jock and cup to bed provided the stimulus and inducement to hours of delight in bed at night. Diddling my nipples and throwing some Kegels fueled this delight which resulted in Super O’s, at least several a night.

    For the last several years, I knew that I had the capability to induce Super-O’s and just heightened sexual awareness just by diddling my nipples.

    This sexual practice continues most nights now.

    Take care!

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