• What a wonderful world: Aless out sudden and spontaneously!

    Hi there, as frustrating the experience with the Helix Syn was, as thankful I am for focusing on the mental side of my journey and the sudden and spontanous Aless moments coming up all through the day.
    Having caught a cold I was hindered from intense sessions with my both new tools, Eupho Syn and Helix Syn, as another session would have been too vigorous for me.
    Neverteheless curing the cold at home I had plenty of free time to listen to my inner senses. My last experiences with my Eupho Syn and without (Aless) had involved fundamental changes in me. Like never before my prostate seemed awaken and present all day long. Spending the day in wide boxer shorts, long-sleeved pyjamas and as long as out of bed in my bathrobe my genitals enjoyd greater freedom than in those briefs and tight jeans I used to wear as work clothing.
    Standing in the kitchen waiting for the boiling of the water for brewing my tea I had the idea to stimulate myself by focusing on my testicles envisioning to let them swing around. My feet shoulder-width apart I tried to suppress and control every slightest motion in my pelvis. I only wanted to imagine the movement. It took a minimum of one, perhaps two minutes until my imagination managed to create the first initial approach of an illusion of my testicles swinging in circles. This feeling already evoke my prostate gland from which I now felt a stirring vibration. Then unvoluntary my mind made me believe a big glove would gently grab my ballsack enclosing and weighing my balls. This again reinforced the vibes from my gland sending out waves through my upper body. Now my body was bending a bit, my breath came in huffs and I got a boner. Like an avalanche the first orgasm came over me, unvoluntary contractions of my pelvic floor muscles, my sphincter and my buttocks and warm shivers of lust intensified mutually. I closed my eyes and transcended to an inner flow of pleasure. After a short time first drops of precum came out of my throbbing hard on and I began to moan. When the water boiled and the kettle switched off automatically, I opened my eyes. The loud clicking sound had brought me back to reality and had ended my Aless leaving behind a feeling of fullfilment and satisfaction. Brewing my tea I felt new energy in all the limbs and smiling with happiness I continued preparing my breakfast.
    Much alike every now and then I collected such moments throughout the day, while I was sitting on the couch or on the wooden chair typing on the computer.
    What a wonderful world! Take care!


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      10/27/2016at1:44 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros great blog! I’m glad to see you are enjoying your progress and it will only get better from this point. Don’t be frustrated with your HS, it almost has a mind of its own; giving you only what it wants to release. They are amost tempermental. You will come to appreciate it for what it is. For me, it’s great! Enjoy and keep writing.

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      10/27/2016at3:08 pm

      @GGringo thanks a lot for your participation in my journey and your encouragement. As my blog still is not up to date I can disclose that early this morning HS when taking over from ES has celebrated a sensational comeback and gave me a foretaste of what is to come. And yes, I agree, it HAS a mind of its own. And I enjoyed it very much. All the best!

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