• What a wonderful saturday morning, starting the day with Aless

    Hi folks! Sorry, but once I had recovered from the flu and were back in my daily working routine, there was nearly no more time for other activities like training my prostate, even less for working on my blog. So, let’s jump back to the present and to this wonderful saturday morning I had today. Despite the awful misty autumn weather outside with fog, darkness and continuous rain, I wouldn’t swap this morning for anything. It was already nine o’clock when my cellphone alarm woke me up. To some bird’s twittering and psychedelic sounds – so called pleasant awakening – I stretched and rolled on my stomach. “What about a little Aless?” I asked myself and in a sudden I felt a first unvoluntary muscle tension in my buttocks. “Oh, yes!” was my answer and I went on with my self-talk.
    “Spread your legs” I heard my inner impatient and imperious voice (or should I better say my prostate?) commanding me. But I knew I only had to move my left leg aside and a little bit upwards, so my body would rotate a little to my right side and give my cock some space to move and grow. That was exactly, what the “Voice” wanted. As a reward first unvoluntary sphincter contractions and “hip-bumping-forward”-motions followed on foot. Furthermore I soon felt a little vibration in my prostate. It’s fascinating how fast I have learned to accurately locate my prostate and target it for treatment. My left thigh was now in a right angle to my body and my lower leg rested in parallel. This way my butt felt somewhat ready-to-receive and open, like waiting for a rigid member to be pushed into my rosebud. In my mind my whole hand went up my anal canal and grabbed my prostate, only pressing it gently with two fingers as to cockily teasing it. My prostate gratefully sent out warm shivers throughout my body and now fully took over command. In less than two minutes I found myself in sweet agony thrusting forward my hard-on. Visions of f*cking my wife while myself getting drilled from behind appeared and vanished. First dry orgasms shook my body bumping me forward to the matress. I grabbed the pillow and put it under my stomach what opened my buttocks a little wider and gave me another thrill. I felt even more helpless and exposed to my prostate. Again and again I grounded my fingers into the mattress, winding and twisting my body in lustfull bliss under the sweet violence of my gentle rapist. “F*uck me!* I repeatedly urged it to go on with it’s reprehensible doing. Like dry ejaculations my orgasms came over me one after the other, not shooting any load in a few seconds but with a feeling of a continuing dry ejaculation for not less than half a minute and with only one or two seconds in between. Sometimes when I felt exhausted the frenzy seemed to end, my body was calming down, but as soon as I catched my breath again the next wave of unsatiable lust took posession of me. After half an hour my first Super-O came up. Continuing dry orgasms felt as one and shook my whole body transcending into another level of consciousness. Like floating freely my body came to rest creating peace of mind and contentment. The next two or three Super-Os in the next hour could not really catch up with the first one, but it remained hard to get a grip of myself and coming to an end of this addictive prostate play and one and a half hours of sexual bliss. Nevertheless there was a big smile on my face when I looked into the mirror finally brushing my teeth.
    Folks, I wish you lots of luck and happiness, and keep on playing with your gland!


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      11/05/2016at10:48 pm

      As to me it seems that being able to give up command was vital for my quick progress in re-wiring.
      Therefore I would like to suggest some other-directed edging either by a reliable sex partner or by two web based commandos.
      One is offered by edgemeplease(dot)com, it’s a simple stop and go play with your member in your hand obeying text commands on the screen.
      The second you can find on p*rnhub searching for cock hero frenzy, a video that should be able to work you into a frenzy within 36 minutes and 21 seconds with psychedelic music, seductive women and again text commands you must obey.
      The hardest thing besides your throbbing member will be to obey. But it is worth the effort.

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      11/06/2016at12:15 am

      @SOwithoutAneros what a great blog! I’m glad to see you found your groove and enjoying your Aneros and Aless sessions. Very few have found the orgasmic success you have in such a short period of time. It’s refreshing to see you are willing to share it all with other members; please keep it up!

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      11/06/2016at1:25 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, like you, I was laid low with a mild form of the flu during Christmas Week 2015. I had to suspend my Aneros sessions for a good two weeks into early January 2016. Having an Aneros session in very early 2016 marked the beginning of my recovery. Also one of the best happenings in recent months is that I can have good Aless even without Aneros sessions, although I like having regular sessions to prime the pump of Aless!

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      11/06/2016at10:31 am

      @SOwithoutAneros Having just completed both edging “games” all I can say is: H F S! I did the “cock hero frenzy” first followed by “edgemeplease.com”. I had so much precum leaking it was unreal! Thanks for sharing this edging technique; I think it will “help” a lot of Aneros guys achieve balance and success in their edging sessions! Try it, you won’t be disappointed! Although I didn’t make the “cum” window in time, my cock is still throbbing!

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      11/06/2016at11:17 pm

      @GGringo, @BigGlansDC and @goldenboy, I am certainly grateful for your positive reception and feel very happy with your reliable encouragement. Furthermore it gives me a thrill to participate in your experiences and to share whatever technique we will find on our journey.
      @goldenboy, respect, that was a tough job and I can nearly feel how your cock must have been throbbing. As I myself found coping with hours-long edging an extremely useful skill for my re-wiring with my prostate, it was my main intention to “help” one or another on his way.
      As in you I found competent advisors, who put your rich experience at our disposal, I am very glad, that I could make this small contribution.
      More than half of all below 30 year-olds perceive the meaning of life less in “achieving something” than in happiness and “enjoyment”.
      Let us show them, that there are some 50+ still paving this way. Engage your prostate, folks! And goooooooooooood vibes!

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