• What a surprise

    So my internet connect has been acting up lately. Some times my computer may cut off during a chat or unannounced shut downs may happen. So to find out I had a blown router meaning no internet for me for a entire day. So no chat, no computer no fun. So I luckily downloaded some cool and sexy aneros mp3's from the forums so I can at least still ride. But for got that my mom already had it in her back to get it cleaned out. UHHHHHH Now what. That means no ride. So now it's 10 p.m. and I'm bored with nothing to do. I begin to yawn. I might as well go to sleep. I get in my nightly attire (nude) and go right to sleep.
    As I'm laying there. I get this stirring in my groin . I pay it no mind. But it begins to get strong. I'm now beginning to rise. I know I'm not having a nasty dream and I don't have my Helix in. But wait. I forgot I can have a aneros session. I was on my side with one leg straight and the other bent and didn't even know it. I'm having a mini o cause they were very short. As I stayed in this position they began to become a lot stronger. So strong they begin to crawl up my legs, and into my stomach.
    I'm feeling so good, and my body is beginning to shake. I haven't had a aneros-less session in a while and it seems like they have progressed as if I had my Helix in me going deeper and deeper. Oh I feel so good. My sexual demon is not here but a calm stoic person is guiding me through this one and he's so calm with me. Very delegate. I feel it build and my breathes are very cool. I'm trying not to moan but its getting intense. My body is culvulsing all over my bed and my dick is shooting out pre-cum.
    I come down from that beautiful high. I'm still on my side. I turn fully on my back. I can feel the cool breeze off the rainy day we had. Tree's moving so softly and the moon once again shining bright off my naked body. It felt so good I drifted off to sleep. Don't know If I had any more, I was in dream land but I'm pretty sure I did. Woke up today with so much energy. I might have to start having more a-less sessions more often.

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