• What a Great Day

    So I decided to right a blog about my experience.
    Last night I had a Aneros session with my Maximus Classic, and it was just ok. So I stopped the session after about an hour and went to bed.
    Today – I was feeling pressure in my prostate, I knew that I didn't go all the way with my session and that this was going to be an interesting day.
    My job requires that I travel for work and I also sit behind a desk for long periods. Through the day I kept having the tingle sensation from my prostrate and occasionally I would tighten the PC muscles and received a huge amount of energy causing me to have wonderful flow of pleasure.
    Then I had to travel to a job location in the afternoon, and my car has a small vibration at 60 to 65 and this was sending me over the edge. I had to stop 2 times to go to the restroom as I kept getting the feeling of having to go.
    On my way back to the office I once again began to get the feeling so I pulled off the expressway and stopped at a park and ride and just sat there contracting my PC muscles. Once again flow of pleasure, realizing that this isn't going to stop. I tried to relax and moved on.
    Needless to say I couldn't wait to get home. I had about 45 min to see what would happen so I went to my room got my MGX ready and put it in. I knew my body was calling for it.
    Well I was right – the action was immediately, my pc muscles started contracting on there own and I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride.
    After about 20 min things just got really intense, my body was shaking, moaning, yelling, and then My ass just started dancing uncontrollably, my ass lifted right off the bed and my back arched to a point that I didn't know I could even do. My arms, hands, and feet were tingling, ringing in my ears, and I knew I was on my way.
    And then it happened! Oh My what was that, shit, that was amazing! My first Dry O and it was truly and amazing experience.
    Why is this not part of every guys toy chest? If I only knew years ago – I feel cheated now.
    I wasn't done, but I knew that I had to pick up my kids, so I cleaned up and left.
    So now we are home again and I just had to write this as I am still feeling the pleasure in every inch of my body. Truly the best experience I have had in my life.

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    • simplepenguin

      06/26/2020at10:19 am

      Wonderful experience.

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