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    Hello everyone
    My last session went so well and I could manage to take 2hours without any interruptions.
    I went back home from work and had some aless going on during the day, so i decided to do sport first and then ride my new MGX Trident. I restarted my journey with the Helix Trident some weeks ago. I love the shape and was thinking that because of that, it hits the right spots so I should go on with it as it always feels nice. Also the shape looks more interesting.
    Wow…im glad i went for a change. After the insertion i lied on my back with my feet on the floor doing nothing but relax. I could already feel that it was hitting the right spots and even i was very tired, the MGX moved happily around giving my prostate a nice and deep massage. Mhhh..!
    After 1hour it felt like the MGX was fucking me relentlessly. The MGX Classic never felt so aggressiv. Dont get me wrong it felt amazing! The MGX was pushing hard against my prostate. It felt like it was edging me. I could feel a strong build up and as i thought I would come, it released its grip and my prostate could have a break for a minute or two. Then it started all over. I wished it would never ever end. From times to times it even felt like the MGX was growing inside of me and a huge dick was fucking me now. I never ever experienced that bevor. Unfortunately, after 1 hour 50 minutes the feeling vanished so i decided to stop. I was amazed and very happy whit my progress and my ride.
    Then, as this ride came to a finish I wanted to try something new. I grabbed the perineum tab and moved it to the left and the right side quiet fast. Booooommm…my sphincter muscle pushed the MGX deep inside of me and it felt like another build up. I did not make contact with my penis though.
    I could feel once again an orgasm is building up but this time it was different. My abs were tensed as i tried to make sure I dont touch my penis with my right hand which was manipulating the aneros.
    The feel of an orgasm was approaching and as I was sure Im cumming, the feeling went aways but this time not for long. I rode the next wave of pleasure, it was building up and vanished again. Third wave was building up and usually I dont moan but the third wave took me over the edge and I came. The orgasm was longer and more intense than usually. It felt heavenly. Also I already released cum during the third wave and then during the orgasm I released a huge stream of cum.
    Now im a bit concerned how it it will affect my future sessions. Do you thing that I should not do this again? Dont get me wrong, I would definitely do this again but the aneros should give me dry orgasms so im not sure if my body would remember this if i do it several times to end a session. I imagine that our bodies have a muscle memory so in time my body would remember during a ride: wow..amazing feeling hes ready for a wet o. Or am i wrong?
    Im open for your thoughts. 😉
    Not sure if I manage to not end the next session that way. it never happened bevor and it was hot!

    Greetings and happy rides to all of you

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      08/15/2020at12:53 pm

      I would not worry about it. I end many sessions that way when i am in need of emptying the pipes, i would rather do that then just masturbate. I can usually have 2 or 3 nice orgasms and then finish off with a amazing prostate emptying orgasm. Its not my goal every session and i have many sessions that i just end with no desire to go down that road. But if need a release i cant think of a better way to do it on your own. Apparently many guys have difficulty achieving a hfwo and wish they could. I think I could do it every time if I wanted to, maybe thats not a good thing but at this point in my life i do not get alot of opportunities to have mind blowing sexual encounters with someone so I think this is a healthy way of staying in the game and keeping all the parts working. By the way thats what the aneros was originally designed for anyway. So just go where it takes you and enjoy.

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