• Well, I guess the Helix does work!

    08/28/2015 8:44 AM
    WOW, had amazing session of Dry–Os las night with my Helix.
    I'd been staying away from the helix because I could just never get anywhere with it. Hard to feel it against the prostate, and even harder to find a Dry–O with it, and if I did it would be after a LOT of work.
    So I focused on A–Less dry–Os and learned ways to arouse my prostate mostly from aneros forum posters. So yesterday, I said in a chat message that I really preferred A–Less orgasms over Helix ones… What an idiot!!!!!
    So, last night after getting off chat, I figured I'd spend some time orgasming before bed, and I'd been winding up my prostate thru the evening and it was still a bit aroused from the other night. So I figured I'd get to it's hard–on state and then put the Helix in to see how it reacted…
    WOAH…I feel like I've never had so much pleasure in bed. I get slightly aroused just thinking about it. I can feel my prostate from last night.. Was bouncing in bed for like an hour, and my groin muscles are sore… The p–waves felt so strong, and just didn't stop coming. Wish I could have been alone in the house as I would have been bouncing and vocal. My groin feels like it had tough work–out and needs a rest!
    When I woke up this morning, I could feel my prostate still swelled, and had several spontaneous orgasms.
    OK, so for me, getting the prostate to its hard–on state first is the way to go. That way I don't have to waste lube efficiency time just trying to warm it up!

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