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    So. For Context my journey began in April 2018. 6 months I felt I had made progress with the Aneros line. On October 20th I started reading Mantak Chia’s The MultiOrgasmic Man. I practiced all of his teachings…to the letter. Within 4 days I had my first super O without any Aneros assistance. The next two weeks were blissful. Aless had me in its grasp on a daily basis and I explored these sensations

    I had a work trip. I decided to reintroduce the Aneros to my sessions. I took the Helix Syn on the trip with me. On the first night I lubed up the Helix Syn and my ass and slipped it in. From the very first second I knew I had made a grave mistake. I lied down on the bed and within 5 mins the Helix syn was auto fucking me and it was blasting my prostate. I moaned and cried in my hotel room. I even recorded some of the sessions. However, on this trip I felt I had overdone it. Kind of lost my way some.

    I returned home and obviously my wife was over excited to see me therefore for the next several days my personal goal of semen retention was basically shattered for 3 days straight. My prostate went into hiding. I could no longer easily find it. For about 2 days all of my sessions left me frustrated. I went back to Mantak Chia…I realigned my Microcosmic Orbit and here begins my comeback tour of my journey

    November 21, 2018
    I decided today I would do everything in my power not to try and engage my prostate. It worked. I came home early from work and mowed the lawn. Came inside…showered…did some stroking just to edge and keep up my routine and then I retired to the couch with a drink in hand to watch some TV.

    I fell asleep.

    I woke up at about 1130pm and felt wide awake…rather refreshed. I went to the bathroom to take a piss and as normal I did a few kegels just as part of the routine. These ones I clearly could feel my prostate. Was it back? I lied back down on the couch and began to focus and lightly caress my prostate. Tears started to run down my face cause the pleasure was mounting. I could feel the familiar radiation building and I focused. My breathing was more pronounced and then I was treated to a dry orgasm. All felt right with the work. About 10 mins later…we were back on the ride. This time it came with more force. A whole lot of force like it was just waiting on that warm up…and then boom….like a gunshot went off…Super O. The pleasure was amazing…My dick felt like it could cut a diamond. It’s like I could feel all the skin on my body raise up 3 inches. This lasted for about 4 mins. Over the next hour I was treated to a few more dry orgasms and one more Super-O. I decided to call it a night at about 230am.

    Fast forward to 430am

    I wake up with a shock up my spine and then a tingle in my butt. Before I could open my eyes good…BOOM…Super-O…like out of nowhere.I was now laying next to my wife and up to this point she had never seen me in a Super-O so obviously my convulsing and muffled moaning woke her up…she thought I was having a seizure. I gripped her hand and started to moan incessantly. She looked at me with amazement for the next 5 mins. when it was done I looked at her and said, “Yeah…thats a Super-O I was talking about”. Her only question was “You think you can do that with me on top”….To which I said…”I have no idea…”

    I felt I needed to do something…I put on my gym clothes and dashed out the door. Drove to the gym only to realize its Thanksgiving and the gym doesnt open until 9am. At that very moment I pwave sent a shiver through my body. It’s as if my prostate was knocking on some imaginary door. I drove to Walmart…picked a few items and all throughout the store I am getting pwaves and mini-Os. My dick in a constant semi just waiting to be unleashed. I check out and get to my car. I live 5 mins away…well you know what my prostate said?

    “Thats more than enough time!”

    I literally struggled to drive home through a constant dry orgasm bordering Super-O to which I was fighting against just so I didnt have to pull over or worse…crash into something.

    Now I’m home and figured…this was as good a time as any to start my blog. Thanks for Reading!



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      11/23/2018at7:34 pm

      so I am so curious about your journey. Can you tell me more about your Aless and Mantak Chia sessions? Ive had some Aless and a Super O before but never Aless. Im reallly interested in learning more and experiencing the Big O without any toys. I’m saving up my loads so I think Im ready for a big dry full body O.

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      12/10/2018at7:11 pm

      JD. check out my kegels post. It provides insight into my daily routine.

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