• Weird Science!

    Weird Science !!
    So much to write, so little time.
    For you Catholics out there, “It’s been 1.5 days since my last orgasm…” (grin)
    During that last go–round 1.5 days ago, I had an intense 2 hr session with a Helix, then another 1 hr one A–Less. Unfortunately toward the end of the A–Less session, I felt like I had been arousing my penis too much and had an inkling that I’d get to a wet orgasm if I didn’t stop. But you’re never sure. Anyway I just didn’t want to stop so eventually, I think I came to the point of no return for a wet orgasm. My penis was rock hard, and I ‘d let up on the dry–orgasms, but I could just feel an ejaculation coming, so lay back and relaxed and came, then cleaned up and went about my business. Ejaculations during regular Dry–O’s have a frustrating quality in that the semen, whether it surges out or not, always continues to dribble out drop by drop for a few minutes afterward. I go commando, and a drop of that stuff makes a visible wet stain, and just starts to smell like old semen after a while. Uugghh.
    So anyway to today. I’d started feeling pwaves while driving yesterday and figured my body was ready for more, so I’d planned a Helix session last night (Figured I’d try the Helix again after the last intense one). But as the evening went by I started feeling sick to my stomach. Something I’d eaten?. So I went to sleep without any orgasm activity at all.
    Woke up and massaged my balls, but nothing else. A couple hours later I had some free time so went to my bedroom and figured I’d check out whether anything was going on down below.
    Rubbed my dick a few times, and got strong pwaves and then rubbed my nipples and went into a couple light orgasms. Then I remembered to try to shift the orgasm to my spine, and they got more intense. So kept that up a few minutes. I was lying on my side for that like I always do.
    So then I wondered as it was really intense, if I could ly on my back (I always have a hard time feeling anything on my back). So did, and it took a couple minutes, but the orgasm(s) resumed. So continued that a few. THEN, I wondered if they’d keep up if I stood up. Same thing. Took a minute or too, but then they started up while I was standing up.
    After the orgasms started up, I sort of liked standing up because I had full freedom of movement. Could push my groin out, or crunch it in and move my hips to follow the prostate pwaves anywhere they led. So kept that up for a few, but then got tired of it so lay back down.
    Then, I started wondering about the guys saying they felt pwaves up their spine again, so I took my fingernail/knuckle and started rubbing it gently up and down my spine, and up the back of my neck and over my head and back down as I kept nipple stim and orgasming. Took a couple tries at this, but like 5 min later, I was feeling my spine with the prostate pwaves as I was orgasming.
    Then I tried rubbing my chest from below my nips to below my belly button to see it that area could be involved in orgasms, and sure enough, after again a few minutes, I had several orgasms that felt like the lower chest area and prostate were having an orgasm, and this was without any added nipple or penis stimulation. (no expert here, but sure felt like it)
    So finally, I had an intense A–less orgasm with chest rubbing and nipple stimulation that felt like 3 fourths of my body was involved. I think the key for me feeling it intensely was focusing the orgasm into my spine. The orgasm feelings from the prostate were always clearly in the prostate area, but when I focused into the spine, it seemed like I was getting added pleasure from my whole body and not just the prostate. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!
    So, I only had a short time, and I wanted to get up and journal this before I had to run off to the rest of my business for the day.
    Cheers! Hope this is useful to someone.
    (PS, didn’t proof read, so I may have said something stupid somewhere!)

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      10/25/2015at12:47 pm

      You are like a glow worm. Either that or an electric eel. Your whole body is rewired and responsive to your mind and touch.
      Enjoyed your blog post and am so glad for you. Someting is going on in my rewiring too but must let it happens as a story that unfolds all in due time.
      Very useful to me. Keep writing your experiences.

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