• Weird But Phenomenal Sensations

    My first real ‘live’ up-to-date post to the blog.

    Yesterdays session started as most sessions do, browsing porn for an hour or so until the now familiar warm glow is radiating from my prostate grabs my attention, time for a session.

    A quick douche and lube and insertion of the EST and I’m ready. Sessions of late have been the best ever and it seems like I’ve reached a new plateau.

    Lay on my back with a cushion or two under my back elevating my butt, I’ve learned that to hit ‘the-spot’ the angle of my hips has to be just right.
    Lay back and breathe, in through my mouth for five, hold for five and slowly breathe out through my nose for five, and repeat.
    Ten minuets later and I’m experiencing pleasurable sensations, a tickling of my prostate, a buzz and shivers, I just lay back and let the sensations build. Then the P-waves start, cold shivers wash over me, my muscles contract and my body goes ridged, the Eupho is well and truly locked-on. then a glowing sensation starts to radiate from deep in my groin, instinctively I reach down to touch my skin, the sensation intensifies, I don’t know why but I take my hand in an attempt to waft the sensation up towards my belly, the sensation moves with my hand! How totally weird, how on earth can you control a sensation? I take both hands and grab handfuls of ‘the sensation’ and move it towards my head, its moving up my body in my hands (WTF) I can now control where the pleasure wave are?! I take handfuls of the sensations and massage them around my head, all the time without touching myself, this takes me over the edge and the Super-O’s flow, two back-to-back lasting over a minuet each.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this ever before, I assume its caused by a heightened state of activity in the brain or by the rush caused by endorphins, who knows?

    One thing’s for sure It was mind-blowing.

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