• Week One, or 22mm of Pleasure

    First week of my training regimen is complete, and I must say I'm enjoying the sensations and overall well-being that I've gotten from it. The first day caused a LOT of pleasure )similar to a regular Aneros session(, then it sort of fizzled out for the rest of the week while I was toning my muscles. Although this decreased my desire for using the Peridise, I stuck with it and continued my nightly sessions )only one missed day, couldn't help it(. Before I talk about my last session with the largest Peridise, just want to discuss what it feels like for those who are interested.
    While specifically designed for exercising and toning the pelvic floor muscles, there is still pleasurable sensations. During the best times, it felt like I was having a regular Aneros session, in which I was getting anal orgasms almost regularly with the right contractions. The little ball that sits between the inner and outer sphincter just milks my anal desire in a way the regular Aneros models just don't )or can't, not quite sure(. Since I've had prior experience with Kegels, I managed to start with 15 second long contractions, but am currently up to 30 seconds before I'm too fatigued to keep holding any more. I've never been one to maintain these contraction cycles, as I usually get bored and just let my body relax into it, but with the Peridise I feel like I HAVE to participate in order to get the most from it. And believe me, last night I got the most out of it, probably more than I have with the MGX or Helix in the past year.
    So yesterday was my last day with the 22mm, so I decided to make it count. I started with a quick session, with 10 minutes of relaxation followed by 10 minutes of active participation )contractions(. The pleasure during the relaxation phase was insane, with the strongest p-waves I've ever experienced and my dick bouncing around like a fish out of water. This session showed me that while I might have experienced involuntaries before, I never really knew what true involuntaries were like. As soon as I started the Kegels, I had a continuous episode )about 10 minutes long( of invols that caused about 5 anal orgasms and built up to a near dry-O. I'm convinced that with enough practice, the Peridise can easily take me to the O land, especially since I almost got there during such a short session.
    The fun didn't stop there, though. After this session, I had to go to a dancing lesson with the wife, and found that my ass was clenching onto it for dear life throughout the lesson. During the rest periods, I would forcefully relax my anorectal muscles, and could feel the Peridise dancing inside my anal canal. I had the biggest shit-eating grin during the lesson, and noone would have guessed why. Afterwards, came home and went straight to "bed" )not to sleep( to enjoy another few hours of the Peridise's unstable movement in my anus. No more orgasms, but still plenty of pleasure until I passed out with it in.
    Average length of sessions for this week, not counting sleeping, is about 3 hours. Some were shorter, clocking in at 1.5 hours, while others were significantly longer )8 hours for my first session(. Seems I'm getting much more comfortable having it in for longer periods of time with the proper lube. Just a little Vaseline on the tool, about 1-2ml of water based lube injected into the rectum, a little bit on the toy, and away I go! I've not had any problems with discomfort from sleeping with it in with this setup, which is more than I can say for the MGX or Helix. Who knows, maybe I'll start sleeping with one every night from now on? They really are THAT comfortable, and I can get my day started by waking at least 15-20 minutes earlier and just having a quick "exercise" session in the comfort of my bed.
    I have high hopes for what's to come in the next 3 weeks, which has been fueling the desire for a regular session so much. It's been really hard not to switch over from the Peridise to the MGX during the best parts of these sessions, but my resolve )and laziness( will not let me cheat into succumbing to pure pleasure.

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      12/19/2012at2:54 am

      Thanks for this spyeg. I'm going to incorporate a lot of what you said above into my own use of the Peridise when I begin. Much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing the results of the smaller Peridise's in the weeks to follow.

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