• Weed

    tried weed last night- two good puffs. Has been years and it was strong.
    Jumped in a hot bath, watched some porn, then out for my session with Kelly Howell's ecstasy on. Definitely immediate and powerful session. Lots of involuntariness, i thunk a mini-o or two. And and overwhelming sense of how deep and good it could feel.
    The weed allowed a free-floating clutter-less mind interestingly and a deeper sense of relaxation. But typical of weed, questioning the fleeting past moment's actions led to questioning if "that" just happened and/or did I do that or was it involuntary. However, that became the fun and the game to see how deep and wonderful it could feel. I topped up about 3 hours in and couldn't regain where I was so went on to a super T. I did sleep with it in and nothing to report.
    Now I question if its worth the artificial stimulant- short circuiting the re-wiring process- or should I not try any more weed and go back to 'normal'.
    Fun times on this journey!

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