• Wedding Band position astounding developments!!!

    Aneros has made a vital major contribution to the adventures my dear wife and I have had since agreeing to bring my the 47 years of solo anal/prostate massage into our marriage bed, when we agreed I would go the Aneros journey and she exploring her ejaculatory orgasmic potential, never having done that to that date. Both adventures to be shared where appropriate.
    Our most recent session epitomizes these benefits and the astounding experiences we are still finding along our shared pathways!!
    Interestingly, these techniques can equally be applied by LGBTTQ couples, as by hetero couples!! A gay friend of mine in the UK, a health worker in the LGBTTQ community, reports that fewer than half the gay couples engage in penile/anal sex, while 98% finger each other anally.
    So, the Wedding Band position is heads to other's toes, on our backs on our firm foam mattress, knees up and her fingering my prostate/Gspot anally, while I finger her prostate/Gspot vaginally. It's that simple!
    Yet it enables virtually infinite variations as things build and great chains of dry-Os of all types and levels, active-body and/or still-body, minis to Supers, and great spiritual-Os even to OBEs, and building, BUILDING flows and FLOWS of orgasmic energies at all levels and intensities)as mapped in previous posts(!!
    These energies circulate through both our bodies and we have four free legs and feet and two free arms and hands with 20 free fingers to explore each other's body and find more an more intense energies contact points which set up more and more energies loops energizing us through all kinds of changing channels in both our bodies!!!!!
    All this building, surging, tidal flows and electrical jolts while her middle finger of one hand is slowly gently caressing my prostate area and its rectal muscle wall, and all the while my thumb of one hand is doing the same with her vagina and her prostate area MMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmmAAAAHHHhhhhaaaahhhhaaaOOOOOOOOOooooommmmmm
    So, we are happily into the third hour of all this and writhing around the bed as we vary things always exploring for even better energies circuits contact points!!! And by now I have both hands free as we decide my cock will take over in her vagina mmmmmmmmm YES
    …and after some lovely thrusting and resting sessions always remaining inserted, during a deep relaxation shared AAAAHHHHHAAAAAaaaaaaaammmmmmmm…
    …her Flowing Waters of the Goddess start flowing out and I stay inside and am baptised on and on over ten to fifteen minutes and we are SO SO SSSOOOOO ECSTATIC we can hardly stay in our skins!!!! all while profoundly relaxed and at peace ineffable.
    We have had focused sessions that have resulted in her Flowing Waters before numbers of times and always hugely enjoyable, butt this is the first wholly integrated total energies-to-waters flow phenomena of such above and beyond ecstatic satisfaction and sacred sexuality union with all!!!
    The earlier icing on this towering layer cake is this; during this incredible build process, Mrs.a also suddenly began experiencing the unmistakeable delights of Mitochondrial-Os breaking out singing and dancing all over her body, as mine had already been doing for some time!! The first time for a direct person to person contact triggering these for another.
    This supremely astounding session has brought so many things we have been exploring, each phenomena on its own, all together, ALL TOGETHER, into something one can hardly name…
    all the soaring union ecstatic energies and lifetime peace and love all
    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

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