• We don't have to try – it's always a good time

    * Stare into space + do nothing = p-waves.
    * But I may be completely wrong, as usual
    * Looking at pictures/nipple stimulation is a no go
    * Pleasures would build when simply enjoying what's there
    * Shaking doesn't completely stop things, nor does damping
    * Erections, however, do )Stops the contractions(
    * Different positions kept things going – simply laying down worked best.
    * Heavy breathing, paced, often gets things going
    * That was much longer than I anticipated
    * PC Muscles/Prostate ached a fair bit
    Before this session, my previous one a few days back was a dud. Per usual, I take it too seriously and freak out over making no progress.
    Day after I went back to basics and again, just focused on what felt good. Since it's typically the PC muscles, I focused on them and remained frozen solid. Not sure what, exactly, but something sparked and felt great. Visual imagery helped )and probably did most of the work(.
    Last night was fantastic nonetheless. My main goal was to just drop expectations and not care at all for trying to achieve anything from it. If it's a dud, it's a dud. No loss. In any case, I started off with the MGX on a whim. Since the P-Tab was causing my prostate to ache a fair bit, I dropped it off half an hour in and switched to the Helix Syn.
    My memory is vague, but for the most part the trick was just blanking my mind and not focusing on anything. Staring at something boring like the wall, or listening to the sounds around is often a good way to unhinge the brain. When 'blanking' at the right moments, p-wavs surge briefly. I now see what users mean why they mention such-and-such being distracting from the subtle sensations.
    Into the session, when feeling something – I'd ditch my phone/book and stare into space. Bam – p-waves fire up and steady, heavy breathing racks up the pleasure. The PC muscles and prostate were still aching from the Aneros but ignoring them wasn't too hard. I tried various positions and allow my pelvic region to semi-conciously shake and twitch. In a first for my sessions, the shaking actually kept the pleasure going. It wasn't stopping. )Typically it masks the sensations and things die down( The ball only stops rolling when the dick erects, as it sucks the Aneros in and the contractions stop there. That, and when the sensations just burn out, albeit briefly.
    Was surprised at how simply looking into space got things going – though this isn't the first time, in retrospect. Last summer, the trick that is 'do nothing' clicked when I laid there limp. It stopped working after a few nights, however, and often I have to switch up techniques – typically finding new ones.
    Back to that night, when sensations would build up without control, I went to empty the bladder since it was quite full. Back to the bedroom, as I hunched, things slowed down. The full bladder may have been giving the prostate an extra push, hence the heightened p-waves but I'm not sure.
    But it was crazy, and new. This is the first session where I didn't WANT to take the Aneros out. Typically I'll get bored and fed up, and just take it out after an hour or two – but not here. Every 5-10 minute interval, pleasures came creeping back up providing my mind was in exact stance. )Blanking doesn't always do it.(
    However, after all this, I'm not convincing myself that this is real progression despite the events. All this could easily have been a fluke – as is often the case with my sessions before where I jump for joy and then promptly bum out over things returning to square one. I'll try again but I'm expecting a boring dud.

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