• Waves of Pleasure

    The beginning of my relationship with my Progasm has similarities to that of having a new girlfriend – it is flirtatious, exciting, gives butterflies and at the end of the date you are left wanting more. Last night I had what experienced Aneros users would probably call a “mini-o” at least 6 or 7 times, each one more intense that the last.
    The wife is away on a business trip so that gave the opportunity for a prolonged session. This time I begin by lying on my side with one leg straight and the other bent as described in the leaflet. Immediately I felt my heart rate increase and my breathing becoming heavier. This last several minutes after which I was rock hard and leaking precum. Over the next hour I had these waves at least twice more, each one more intense.
    At this point I decided to relube. As I removed I experienced a significant amount of leakage. It is certainly a new experience to have cum dribbling when soft. I reinserted and then rode the waves of the pleasure 3 more times, with the last the most intense and oh-so close to a major release. I finished my session and although I was still leaking, I did not ejeculate – I just didn’t feel the need.
    I settled down to sleep only to be woken suddenly about an hour later. My heart was pounding, my breathing was changing to moaning and was having anal contractions. I rode this for what felt several minutes before coming back down again.
    As this is only my second session, the Progasm has exceeded any expectations I had, and the best of it is there is more to come.

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      08/05/2016at10:26 am

      I know what you mean by the racing heart and heavy breathing. I had a similar experience the night before last and this was a first for me too. I am so looking forward to the Big O, I am so amazed that these sensations are new to me, why didn’t I know about this before.
      Good luck with your experiences.

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