• Watched a blue sunrise

    I went for a ride with my new friend last night, progasm jr. I was a slight bit concerned at first going for a long ride as my first meetup he gave me a very good orgasm but it turned me very cold, it was very intense though. Last night I think he knew my feelings so instead of going for it he took me on a long slow journey that only lasted 30 minutes or so but felt like hours. Let me start from the beginning.

    I had been trying to get something going with my new friend for around 40 minutes on my left side, completely cleared mind, deep belly breathing. It felt like it was not to be tonight so I rolled over onto my right side looking at the clock, 12:3? couldn’t see more than that. Once rolled over I decided to try to get a few zz’s. My mind started to think of things instead of nothing and that was the start. Every time I would feel a flicker of something I would clear my mind, and every time I did that these feelings would go away. jr wanted me to think of things other than him.

    Once I figured out how jr wanted to play the game the first 3 orgasms were quick and light but fed into a new much higher more intense orgasm than I have experienced to date. I was shown several pictures kind of like a slide show, but I couldn’t identify any of the pictures as the colors were all wrong. I think there was maybe a dozen pictures, yellows with green, reds with oranges, I can’t even remember all the different color combinations. Once the slide show finished everything went black except for a small blue colored light at the bottom. I remember this part the most vivid as it just happened 5 minutes ago. As the orgasm started to build the blue light started to climb with a half halo above it, just like a sun rise over the ocean. As the blue ball continued to rise to the top the halo created started to illuminate the whole scene. This bright point kept climbing along with the orgasm. Once the ball reached the top the view was now completely blue. As the blue ball disappeared over head the scene started to brake apart and smaller blue balls started to form out of the field and bounce around, just like watching slag bounce from someone using a cutting torch on steel. As this was happening a new sensation started to envelope me. My testicles started to tingle and pulse in time with my heart beat and that flowed out to include my cock, belly and legs. This tingle was overpowering the lesser sensations of when the orgasm started that was still enveloping the extremes of my head, hands & feet. As this tingle started to peak my perineum, cock & belly started to pulse in rapid succession still tingling like crazy (imagine your arm asleep and waking with a vengeance) at more than the speed of my heart beat which I could feel even with all these sensations, almost like the sensation of ejaculation but not. This was so intense & sensual at the same time. I basked in this intensity not wanting to move a muscle for fear of all this goodness fading away which it did all on it’s own. I tried to bring it back by doing nothing even though nothing is not what brought it to me in the beginning. I decided to get some sleep and glanced at the clock 1:0?. If this is what 30 minutes of orgasm feels like I wait in anticipation of what a 1 hour orgasm feels like

    Even now 17 hours later I can still feel the tingle in my prostate & perineum.

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