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    With out getting into much detail, due to a family medical issue i had to relocate for a couple of months and did not and could not use my aneros. It has been over 3 months since my last session. since i got back there is always someone home at my house at all times and I have no privacy or time to have a session. I could not take it any longer today. There was someone in the house but i went up to get a shower and get dressed. The aneros was calling me from the closet where they have been put away for the last three months. i grabbed my coconut oil, my gel lube and my ps-new and closed the bathroom door. i lubed up my ass and the toy like there was no tomorrow i was not worrying about staining the sheets or making a mess on a towel. i put one foot up on the counter and reached around and inserted the toy. It felt amazing going in and almost like one of the first times. i stood in front of the mirror and had a little trouble keeping it in at first, gravity and excess lube wanted it to slip out. I never really tried it standing up before. I pushed it back in and gave a good contraction to set it in place. Then the body took over and new what to do. It slowly pulled itself in and relaxed in place. wow it felt good so there i was naked in front of the mirror aneros in place now what? I started some nipple stimulation and things started heating up. I could really feel the p tab applying pressure standing up and the aneros felt larger than normal and like it was in farther than normal. I tied to relax and breath slowly i could feel it slightly move in and out with my breathing. Then the warm full feelings started in my prostate area as i looked at myself in the mirror and played with my nipples. I felt like Iwas going to start getting a erection but i did not. Standing up was a little bit of a distraction but things where moving in the right direction. I tried to relax more and let go but knowing someone was just in the other room and standing up i could tell I was going to have to end the session. lube was running down my legs, i would grab some and use it on my nipples, I was heating up and if i could have moved to the bed I think Iwould have been in for a suprise. Now I have created a monster, my prostate wants more and so do I. My desire had slacked off with the long layoff but it did not take long to re wire. I will need to get creative with my sessions and hopefully will get some alone time soon. so looking forward to the next time. Sorry not alot of good details about my session but the groundwork is set for the next one.


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      03/10/2017at6:27 pm

      @sfs Quite the contrary, a great post! Your experience demonstrates the concept of “prostate horniness” which a lot of us Aneros guys (including me) have experienced. I know the feeling well. Sometimes, you just need some prostate stimulation, plain and simple. And you got it! Way to go! You were creative and I’m sure you’ll be able to squeeze-in another session or two!

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      03/23/2017at5:03 pm

      Sometimes we have to just make a little time for ourselves – and when privacy is unavailable, just do something without privacy. Bathroom is a great place for insertion and later removal. A surprising amount can be done with clothes on. Folded paper towels placed under your underwear can catch lube drippings, or pre-cum.

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