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    Last week I wanted to test myself. I went a whole 5 days with out riding or having a wet orgasm. The only thing I allowed was a less rides that came by just building up energy. It was rough but I learned a lot about my sexual appetite.
    Firstly I learned that i watch to much porn. I consume a lot and even though that porn does not always kick start my sessions it is always a factor in the ending results. With not stimulating my self consistently I had more time on my hands. But still even with out watching porn the images were still in my head which kicked started a lot of my a less rides. My jock straps got soaked up a ot from all the pre cum that poured from energy flowing through my body and me just letting it flow with no budges or stopping to calm down. I let each orgasm flow at its own pace.
    Also with the stopping of cumming and jerking I started back working out. That also gave me a few hard on's. Who knew jogging and jumping jacks would turn me on. I mean i was doing them in loose fitted basket ball sorts with no underwear underneath. (i workout first thing in the morning and i sleep nude so free balling is kind of my thing) My meat just flopping around also brought on a few a less rides and mad pre cum sliding down my leg. Also sleeping on my stomach had to start. I rode a less ride a little to long and almost came. it felt so good though.
    Also during this test i wanted to get more in touched with my nipples. They are also rewired but they only get half erect when I play with them. I wanted them to guide and run a few rides by them selves. So a few nights as I rode the p waves of a a less ride i pulled and groped my nipple as the sexual beings that they are. One day at work i went out to get lunch and found my nipples sticking straight out giving nice high beams in my dress shirt. I was in the heat so it wasn't the cause of being in a cold area. So now I had my nipples in check so it was almost time for the big ride.
    I started on Monday so by Friday I was on edge but still capable on comprehending that I was doing a good thing and that I do need these sexual breaks. every man does. So that Friday night I gave my self a bath an then rubbed some lavender massage oil all over me really teasing the body. I got rock hard instantly and did noting with it. I went to sleep naked and dreamed a beautiful dream of being on a beach nude then a beautiful specimen emerges from the water nude as well and just approaches me so smooth and sexy and we do it right there in the sand. It was hot and I woke up with a throbbing hard hard and wet sheets from all the pre cum.
    So Saturday the big day. I got cleaned out and got my oil and toy ready. I firstly just rode my Vice with no touching and just let it take over. I did not turn the vibrator on just yet. I rode that thing ad it drove me insane. I was howling. I said some of the most vulgar things to myself. It's like the way the vice was moving a man had to be there in the room with me fucking me so damn good. i mean it was so good I almost passed out twice. Eyes rolling in the back of my head and everything. With the first hour gone it was time to cum.
    So I turned on the vibrator and boom instantly rokc hard.(im not always hard during my sessions til its time for me to cum) I began to slowly stroke my 7in black oily dick and it felt as if i was getting jerked off by feathers. It was so soft but still aggressive. My head was rolling and I was still moaning really loud. I was begging for more is it grabbed a hold of my prostate and showed me who was boss. I even started to cry cause the pleasure was becoming so intense. I shot my 6 day wait cum and ropes of cum came shooting out my cannon. So to sum it up. sexual breaks are very needed. Cumming everyday feels good but the build up is waiting gives a better and longer feeling.

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      07/01/2014at10:01 pm

      The moral of your story is good things cum to him who waits. And cum and cum….

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