• Vice Job

    Yesterday, wife was on the phone and told me to go get ready and wait for her in the bedroom.
    I went to the bedroom and lubed up the Vice massager with virgin coconut oil. I slipped it in with no problem and set it to the lowest constant vibration. I slipped a cock ring onto the base of my shaft. The buzzing sensation felt really nice and I noticed the vibrator was massaging the bottom of my scrotum. I began doing Kegels and the massager began to caress my prostate.
    She continued on the phone so this went on for around fifteen minutes or so. I began to notice the massager began to move involuntarily and realized that the auto-fuck sensation is a result of the muscle contractions once the prostate is sufficiently aroused. It seemed to stroke me on it's on. It caused me to buck and groan with pleasure. My cock was stiffening from the internal pleasures. I found myself on a level of pleasure that I have not yet experienced, even with the Vice.
    She entered the room and I am in a state of euphoric sensations. She touches me and stroked my hardened cock. I growl with pleasure as she slips it into her wanting mouth. Words can not describe the pleasurable feelings this produced with the internal massage, the wet lips around me and the massaging of the scrotum.
    She rolled over and began to pleasure herself with her Rabbit vibrator. I stroked myself and watch her as the massager continues to pump me vigorously. I increase the vibration to the next setting.I am so close to shooting as we share this erotic experience. I have to stop stroking as I am about to explode as I watch her enveloped in her own pleasure.
    I grasp the base of my cock and feel the semen rising up the shaft on it's own. The pulsing massager seems to be pushing it higher and higher up my cock. She begins to moan and I explode with shot after shot of hot cum shooting up and landing on my stomach. I am bucking into the air on my shoulders and feet as the massager continues to buzz and I continue spraying hot cum.
    This may be the best prostate ejaculation I have had to date. I highly recommend this massager to anyone looking to experience this kind of pleasure !

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      07/25/2016at2:40 am

      Great experience! I just ordered mine and hope I can experience the same.

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