• Vice and more

    In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned I have a kinky side. Being kinky at times allows a different combination of toys during a session. I’ve started using penis plugs for fun and looks. So, I thought I would continue my multiple toy session idea. This time I would combine the penis plug with my Vice.
    The penis plug immediately stimulates where, as does the Vice with its vibrator. So, I removed the vibrator to let the Vice fill and stimulate much slower. So, my challenge would be to control the stimulation of the plug and encourage the Vice. It turned out to be a pleasurable conflict. I noticed the girth of the vice right away and tried to use that as a distraction to the plug. I really enjoy having my anus filled to the brim as it imitates intimate human movements. The more intensely I contracted my sphincter the more vice offered pleasure and at the same time he responded to slow sustained contractions as well.
    From time to time I let my plug have the more of the present area of my thought process allowing him to stiffen my member more. Back and forth between the vice and the plug. Sensations of pleasure, sensations of bondage, sensations of release, and fantasies going wild with my kinky side. O’s are in my sub-conscience so, I drive to that end. It seems I won’t be able to make it happen but, no matter this ride is still pleasurable. I’ve learned more today with balancing the different sensations of my toys. I did end the session with a mental release but, I helped a bit, not much. Just a few very light strokes and a hint of an O was there. I didn’t push it, the experimentation is becoming quite the blissful journey.

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