• Vice 2 Review

    I haven’t really written much lately. I wrote a really good one on a session with the helix, sadly the body never saved. I purchased a vice 2 last week and have since tried it out a few times. Im not going to spend a lot of time going over the specs, or vibration modes, Im going to skip to what everyone wants to know. The stuff the don’t put on the website, the dirty little details that vary slightly to everyone. The not so pg stuff.

    I purchase the vice 2 locally. Got it home and immediately started charging. It also comes with a remote that must be charged. 2 hours of waiting in anticipation made for some really nice build up. My thoughts at this point. This toy is somewhat large vs other toys in the aneros line up. Honestly it was a little intimidating, for someone with a rather tight hole. Im not a big large toy fan. I like finger size or a little larger. This toy is really nice to look at, and visual inspection will tell anyone familiar with their body that this toy will hit the right spots. Its insertable length is a little longer than most other aneros toys or some of the lelo toys. For me this isn’t a bad thing. I find my prostate is a little bit farther back than 2-3 inches. Maybe 3.5 or so.

    The experience,
    Insertion: I take it slow with this toy. Add plenty of lube, prelube if its your thing. Work it in slowly, I inserted it similar to the program due to the shape. After the first time using the vice 2 I found that it was better to start with a smaller toy and then go up. It helps to relax the anus.
    Once In: How it feels is Wonderful, once you get past the full feeling. Honestly the first time using this I felt pretty stuffed. But that feeling goes away fairly quickly. I let it sit probably 5-10 minutes before doing any legals or turning it on. I found that It comfortable to wear around the house during this period. It stays firmly in place.
    The vibration patterns are wonderful, this toy has some serious power. I prefer to keep my vibrations on a lower level vs a high level. I find the high vibrations kinda numb my prostates. This is where everyone varies. Some will find that the high levels are what does it for them.
    I pressed the joy button some. It feels good, I just know not to overdue it.
    I find that the vice 2 firmly touches my prostate, I have seemed to drip a little more precut and prostate fluid with this toy than normal. Im always a leaker. But this toy took it up a notch. Movement wise, the toy moves when kegals are done, however I find it similar to the program. It moves but its not nimble, like the helix or eupho. I can’t make it move in little sweeping or circle type motions like the smaller toys. However it feels good, and will make you orgasm. It does what its supposed to. This toy may be a special occasion or extra arousal toy for me. Here is the negative to this toy, and it may just be me. Its a little too large, I feel a little discomfort during longer sessions. I defiantly feel a little stretched out after having this toy in, but in a good way. My hole is happy, my prostate is happy. Defiantly need to add this toy to your collection if you haven’t already.

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