• very long story…my journey back then….

    It has been a long time since I last used my aneros models. My first buyings were MGX Classic, Helix Classic and the Progasm Classic as I had no clue which one would be perfect for me and back then I was 25 years old and saw some incredible guys on pornhube filming their session. So I thought to myself that I want to experience the same incredible thing. Unfortunately, nothing happened and it felt quiet uncomfortable for me as I followed the instructions from the packaging. I felt very disappointed as they were expensive and putted them away.
    2 years later, I wanted to give it another shot as I found this page and read the wiki. Its incredible what you can finde here. Furthermore, I had some nice chat talks in here and used the do nothing method which works still best for me. I never experienced an orgasm by just using the aneros models but it felt better and better each time. I even slept with the Helix inserted from time to time but my prostate was sore the next morning. To that period I was 27 and I literally chased the big O. Little did I knew, that I must have standing in my own way to experience all the magic of the aneros world.

    What have I experienced back then?
    At first I used to meditate with some relaxing meditation music on youtube. It helped me a lot to relaxe, focus and forget everything around me.
    Some days later I felt some wormlike sensations as you might would describe it. Its like the aneros was pulled in my body slightly in and out. It is quiet cool when you finally start to make at least some progress so I just went with the flow. At some point I wanted more of course but people here encouraged me to be patience. They told me its a journey and it can take more or less time to finally experience a p-spot orgasm. That was very hard and I believe a lot men are struggling with not going straight to super o-land as we are accustomed to just stroke our penis and have an orgasm. Sometimes I just had to masturbate after a session and hell does it feels good to have a super T. Each time I did it though, I felt bad at the end because I knew that it will take 2-3 sessions to have another intense ride and after ejaculation I will no longer have aless the next day, so I decided to not touch myself ever again with the aneros inserted. Also do I believe that the hornier you are, the better the rides are and often it builds from your previous session. Abstaining from masturbation can also help as the body tries to generate pleasure in a new way. You give him the aneros so it tries what it can do with it to produce pleasure. At least, I think its helpful for me and beginners to abstain.
    While watching porn I get super horny and after a while I felt more then just subtle movements. It felt like my prostate was swelling so that my MGX could push the tip hard against it. Again no orgasm but it feels fantastic when that part starts. Its like the prostate gets stiff and the tip of the MGX is pushing directly in the center of my prostate.You have to experience it yourself to describe how it feels. Its like a heartbeat. It swells and gets bigger and simultaneously in the inner center of the prostate, something tries to reach all directions (maybe u can think of an energy ball). Than after some seconds (maybe 10-20 sec.) my prostate starts to get soft again and the aneros lies for a moment on the prostate. This can repeat during a session multiple times and even I dont have orgams from it, it feels marvelous. During this time I dont have the in and out movements. Its more like the aneros is rubbing slightly against the prostate, the prostate responds with swelling, heart rate goes up, the aneros can dive in the prostate center with its very tip. Its pushing harder and harder till its fells like a peak is reached. Then the prostate losses the tensions (a ballon who is losing the air) and the pressure fades away and the aneros can circle again around the prostate just to reproduce that process. Its hard to decribe but I give my best to try. It would be cool to help others and of course to encourage new guys to give it a try and more experienced users to give me advice how to reach my goal or tell me if I do something wrong or I just should continue.

    Best things I remember during that time:
    Awakening of my prostate: My prostate was awakened so when I was commuting my prostate started to “move” on its own (growing hard and soft) and give me aless (no orgasm). It would pulsate, tingle and even feel rock hard (tension) and cold. Sometimes its like it was vibrating during that process. The most intense a-less I had was at school (further education). I was sitting there and my prostate would not stop doing that. It was getting that intense that I feared an orgasm was approaching. Well, it dit not happen but I felt so happy that day about those feelings and they would not stop the whole day.I I just wanted to tell all the other guys about it and that they should try it out because they are missing out the whole fun. That day, I couldnt pay attention to the teacher, but to my body! ^^

    First of what I consider was a mini o: I was lying on my back, Helix Classic inserted and followed the do nothing path and watched some porn while playing with my nipples. Then all of a sudden an electric shock went trough my whole body having its origin from my prostate. It startet there and went like a wave trough the rest of my body. It all happened fast and just for one or two seconds and I scared me bit. It was like a thunderbolt, very intense and I wanted more which unfortunately never happened again. Today I believe I had to many expectations so my following rides felt great but nothing more. I wasnt appreciating my experiences fully because I always had back in mind that it must get more intense, a mini or the famous super o must happen etc.

    So why did I stopped?
    Its simple. No mini os, no regular os, no super os. NO OS. Why shouldnt I just egde myself, play with my penise and have a long orgasm like sensation that I actually can controle? So I did and I dont regret. The thing I really missed thought was my aless. It stopped after I stopped using the aneros.

    Do I start again?
    Yes definitely. Today Im 32 years old and Im missing my rides with the aneros products. Im using the Helix Trident now which works great on me and Im thinking of using the MGX Trident next week to see if it works even better than the Helix Trident. Im not sure if I have to relearn how to use the MGX or if my body is warmed up from my rides with the Helix (I dont like to alternate with models so im sticking for a week or more to one model and if I want a change I use another model for also a week or more just to give it time and see what it can do for me). Its like I have do warm up with one model first and then the rides are building up in intensity. At least it was like that when I started this journey.
    My sessions during the first week of riding again felt ok to really good. I think im on week five and those are the sensations I am experiencing at the moment when I have a great ride:
    -aneros moving in and out sensation
    -aneros circles around my prostate
    -a tingling/prickling sensation all over my prostate (as if your arm or leg was asleep)
    -something that feels like a tiny spark on my prostate (like a prickling sensation but not all over and it feels cold and like its glowing if it makes sense)
    – tingling/prickling sensation all over my glans
    -swelling and hardening of my prostate with softening back again
    -aneros pushing hard against my prostate
    -pulsation and vibration like sensations of the aneros as if the Helix Trident is vibrating
    -prostate moves around (pulsating) and the tip of it feels cold, glowing like
    -sometimes my prostate feels like it is filled with sand and a liquid during the swelling and hardening process so when the aneros is pushing more against it, it starts to feel like you are walking on fesh-fallen snow which cracks under your shoes, or a ballon filled with cornstarch and you knead it which feels interesting
    -sensation that my prostate feels cold or warm
    -sensation that the aneros is not inserted
    -aless when im sitting in a chair or sometimes when im lying on my stomach
    -my nipples are more sensitive

    Why do i write this blog?
    I just want to track my progress and might help new users to get an idea how it can affect them or what they can expect to happen. Also I would like more experienced users to know what I am doing so if they might have an advice for me how to boost my journey so I can finally experience that bolt again and or multiples o’s that would be awesome. But most importantly, just for myself. So fare Im very happy with my progressions and I dont always think during a session ouuu boyy…its about to happen. Today is the day. Also im not disappointed over a dull session as I just stope it and try again the next day. Im very curious what I will learn and discover from the usage of the anerose products and im thankful for all the things I can experience.


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