• Used the Helix Syn 3 times already

    Have used the Helix Syn 3 times for a total time of 5 hours approximately doing the breathing exercises and not feeling any form of pleasure really except when I stimulate myself. I don't know if the unit is touching my prostate or not. It seems that when I masterbate that the amount of cum I make is more than the usual. I do use lubricant and perform the slow deep breathing exercises as well as keep in touch with experienced users and visit the chat room for advise or chat regarding riding the unit. It seems that there are times where I want to ride the unit sitting up and to grind my hips with it 'wanting more' as if I want to be fucked in the ass which I never been. There is no bleeding but an itchy ass after, the anus a bit sore but ok…not sure if the head or bulb is supposed to be just put into the rectum area past the 1st sphincter or put in all the way. I tried both, even teasing myself in having the 2nd sphincter to suck it into me to that I am full in if you know what I mean. Anyways, can someone help me experience more & tell me what is goign on with my sensations ?

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