• Update

    My doctor decided to take me off the meds as my BP and Cholesterol did not test out any lower. Funny thing is, now off the meds my BP is averaging a little lower and my cholesterol is testing lower too 🙂 But then I’ve been getting quite a bit more exercise. Wife and I have decided to continue with the sexless marriage, at least until she is totally done with her perimenopause phase – which has been going on for years. Once she goes into true menopause, then there will be no need for birth control eg condoms and we may both feel like re-starting things – especially Karezza as it would be easier on her – given dryness. Truth be told, I am actually turned on by the sexless marriage thing – it fans my homoerotic side somehow 🙂 Right now I would like to explore my bi side online with other like minded men of a similar age and in a similar situation.


    • Novice60

      11/29/2020at6:52 pm

      In same shoes as you at home with wife and have been fully exploring my bi side. Let’s chat.

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