• Unreal, with no insertion whatsoever…

    Okay, so last night, I had another of my six hour sessions (I rarely spend less than that, but not every day anymore), and finally achieved my third super-massive orgasm (after eight or ten days of trying since my first two). I'll write more about those later – think I got a really useful insight to share for those having trouble, but I want to test it again this evening.
    But for the moment, the news is my first dry orgasm(s) with absolutely no insertion whatsoever!
    Sat down to evaluate a solo masturbation vid that I hadn't gotten to last night. Was just going to check out its quality for possible use tonight. Need to go out and do some things, so despite feeling some craving for the MGX (after spending most my time with the Eupho), just wanted to review the movie quickly and be done for the moment.
    Instead, I found my pelvis immediately awakened by the content (Yalta from YoungPorn.net), and quickly found myself wondering, "How far can this go?" It was a 12 minute vid playing at half-speed, so I thought I'd ride it out and see what happened.
    Notably, I'm wearing boxer briefs at the moment. I DO think these get in the way. But not too badly, evidently!
    After about fifteen minutes of feeling the prostate orgasm building up (and deliberately applying internal pressure upon it), it finally broke through and blew my mind. I did not, however, get the raging hard-on that I usually get with them. I blame the briefs. Within another three or four minutes, I then pushed a little and had an anal orgasm.
    Quality-wise, these weren't exceptional, sort of "get it out of my system" orgasms. The prostate orgasm was pretty nice, and the anal orgasm was only minimal (though undeniable).
    But the crazy thing is the aftermath, giddy and laughing and wobbly, and now completely aroused and sure that I could experience several more, especially if I took my briefs off.
    So, two points in particular (beyond the simple "oh my god, it's [B]possible[/B]!" confirmation):
    First, I normally find the upward pressure of sitting on/in a chair to not be so helpful – the handle feels obtrusive beneath me, the overall pressure is too relentless, and I have a much higher quality of experience lying on my back – but in this case with no actual insertion, it was clearly essential for forming a basis for the pressure and tension.
    And second, just as a mini-testimonial, but I think I've only been using Aneros devices for about twenty days, so this is rather remarkable progress and proof of their potential.
    Oh, also, I normally smoke grass during my extended sessions (a HUGE advantage in the whole learning process), but never in the daytime, so this was a relatively sober orgasm as well, only upon the vestiges of last night's buzz.
    Amazing. If I didn't have things to do, I'd yank off my briefs and get right back to it – with no insertion whatsoever. My pelvis is still absolutely on fire with excitement, all the internal currents and churn that I normally feel within a long session. Maybe I'll experiment "device-less" for an hour this evening before lubing one up.
    Anyway, WOW. (And STILL wow.)
    Addendum: about three hours later, the same cycle again, except wearing even MORE clothes, and getting closer up into super-O territory before repeating the same pattern above. I.e., and WOW again!
    And [I]another[/I] addendum! Just shortly after the last entry, just sorting out some porn tabs in my browser, started down the arousal path again, much more intensely this time. Just kinda felt myself swept away for about twenty minutes, amazed at the swell of sensations, until finally opened a striptease vid to actively accommodate myself. Awash in that for about ten more minutes, and then a substantially [I]super[/I] orgasm, only my fourth!
    And with NO INSERTION. (And not having smoked up either.)
    Did I mention "giddy" above? I meant to say "giddy." Not to mention a bit delirious.

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      08/03/2009at9:57 am

      That's awesome Tremelo!!!
      I also seem to be headed down the no-Aneros path. Although I have not reached super-O's yet. But my no-Aneros sessions seem to be much more fruitful lately than my Aneros sessions. Glad to hear it's possible and not just me.

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