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    I was born and raised in New York City. At 9 years old I learned how to use the city bus system; at 10 I learned how to ride the subway and figure out where it took me. From that point on the greatest city in the world was my oyster. Almost every week from 10 until I was 18, I used the magic carpet of the subway to take me to some new neighborhood, street or destination in the big apple.
    For all the hundreds of places I was in the City in those 8 years and the hundreds more that I have been there since then, there are still many, many more that I have yet to discover and visit; it’s a large city and there are thousands and thousands of neat places. Even today when I go to NYC I am always finding someplace new and exotic to experience that I have never been before. The complexity and never ending opportunity to experience something new in the city is a great metaphor for my experience of aneros driven anal pleasure.
    I have been writing about my experience of Super O, MMO and anal pleasure for years. The result is hundreds and hundreds of entries. Yet despite the similarity of approach to start them each session is as different as two people are; each session deserves its own description and appreciation.
    I have been doing massager and massager less MMO’s for many years now. The last two years I have been doing A-less sessions just about every night. That translates to 545 sessions more or less per year. It continues to amaze me that each one of those sessions is distinctly different. And just like a trip to NYC, each time I get on the orgasm train I find a new stop with different sensations and a different experience of each place.
    Last night (Sunday night) J and I got into bed early; we were in bed at 10:30 PM. We had decided several nights ago to try and get more sleep. I was enthusiastic about an earlier lights out as that would put me in a more awake frame of mind in the early morning when I woke to do a session.
    So at 3:30 AM this morning when I woke, I found myself curiously awake for my normal early morning session. Even better my cock was good and hard and my anus was hungry for orgasm. I was lying on my left side on the right side of the bed with my back to J, about a foot from the edge of the bed. I could feel the desire for MMO simmering in my anus, and tugging playfully on my cock root. Each tug was like a pluck on a guitar string in my perineum; I was most definitely ready to launch.
    I turned my body to put my rigid penis in contact with the mattress. Pressing the underside of my cockhead against the mattress, I ignited a pleasant throbbing that rippled up my cock and deep into my anal tract. I could feel the throbbing keeping time with my pulse. Each pulsing throb seemed to amplify the erotic glow and warm sensation of the next one. I relaxed and let the blissful sensation take me where it wanted to take me; I floated with it.
    After five minutes or so the pulsing pleasure had become intensely resonant, I could feel it driving up the core of my cock deep into me and convulsing my swelling prostate; my prostate shuddered and twitched as each pulsing wave hit it. After a few of these twitches my prostate was enervated; it began to rhythmically pump involuntarily. To catch these highly pleasurable spasms and keep them going I breathed into them. It was like gently blowing on the embers of a fire to make them burst into flame. Indeed the spasms hardened and intensified. I could feel my prostate stiffening in the contraction of each spasm; in counter point to the convulsion deep in my anal tract, my anus clenched and released involuntarily. The contraction of my anus set my penile bulb and the tip of my cockhead to spasm in syncopation. The entire chain of events was something like an old percolator chugging but this percolator is reverberating with deeply sensual orgasmic waves that were pumping ecstasy through my sex organs.
    I swam in the thick and sensual waves that were washing inside of me, savoring the sinuous ebbs and flows and the sweet anguish that chimed deep in my anus with each convulsive echo. I could feel the euphoric thump pounding in my perineum and cock root in counterpoint to the pumping pleasure of my anus.
    After a few minutes I rolled back to my side and left my semi erect cock cantilevered out perpendicular to my abdomen, suspended in mid air under the covers. The pleasure spasms faded and died but I could feel the swelling deep inside my anal tract. My prostate felt like a golf ball it was contracted and erect. I felt like a hyped up runner on the starting line ready to do the fifty yard dash. Slowly I felt the spasms start again, this time on their own. I followed them on their seemingly careless path. They led my on that path, taking my breath away with each pulsing step I took. The pleasure spasms had gone from a 1, 2, 3 beat to a 1 ..2 ..1 ..2 beat. The spasm were getting excruciatingly hard but as hard as they were that is how sweet and blissful their echo inside of me was.
    My cock shaft and cockhead went thumb as the pleasure bore deep and hard into my anus, forcing me to arch my back in ecstatic agony. The spasms were now bouncing between my anus and prostate pulsing sympathetically with my penile bulb. I focused on this new pattern and breathed into it to support it. As I was breathing I felt for my nipples; they were turgid, hot and swollen with desire. I latched onto them pinched them between my thumbs and fore fingers and squeezed them gently. It felt like the squeeze squirted gasoline onto a fire. The orgasmic spasms and the pumping of my prostate speeded up and my legs stiffened as I felt a long hard orgasm get shoved into my anus. I cringed as I felt its hot desire invade my asshole. I felt like I was being impaled by my own orgasm. I struggled to breathe and stay on the wave.
    A half an hour had passed. The orgasmic spasms had warmed my prostate to hyper sensitivity. Everything was humming and pulsing gently in the momentary lapse between pleasure waves. It was hard to hold back.
    I rolled onto my back and parted my legs and began to tweak my nipples with my index fingers as I breathed deeply and fully. As the Santa Anna winds whip a forest fire into a frenzy my orgasmic spasms roared to life. As I felt the power of these spasms blazing in my like a blast furnace I began to fantasize.
    I thought of a female friend here on the internet that I often chat with. I conjured up images of us sharing a bed naked, stoking each other and kissing and getting each other so worked up were as frenzied as I actually felt at that moment. In a burst of unrestrained passion I mounted her and shoved my long hard cock deep into her cunt making her scream in pleasure pain. I fucked her fervently, making her bellow in agony as my cock made her orgasm explode in her. I imagined my cock deep in her pussy my cockhead bathed in her orgasmic slime and my thick sticky hot cum. I envisioned eating her post orgasmic cream pie and making her cum again oozing our cocktail from her convulsing pussy mouth. The image made my pumping spasm beat double time. My now flaccid cock was resting on my balls and rhythmically pumping a seemingly relentless stream of pre cum onto my balls.
    I lay immobilized relishing the spasms which were now a steady single beat. I felt like the elegantly feminine hand of my orgasm was deep in my anal tract, stretching open my asshole on her forearm. Her warm hand was alternating squeezing my prostate and tugging on it mercilessly sucking orgasms from it over and over again. Each tugging squeeze sent paroxysms of erotic rapture to shoot up to my brain. I could feel the pool of precum under my ass growing.
    Again I refocused on my lady friend in my fantasy. I was caressing her and then I was suckling her clit and MMOing in her ass crack as I spooned her and massaged her tits. A thunderous rapid fire set of orgasmic spasms detonated inside of me. My anus, balls, perineum and penile bulb all seemed to be caressed by a mysterious feminine force. It blew warmly in my ear and coxed me to give in.
    I felt the warm secure embrace of my mistress’s imaginary hands on my balls. I breathed slowly and struggled to relax my anus and anal tract. I toggled my nipples again and felt the waves begin. Slowly the spasms worked towards a crescendo. In the milliseconds before the cascade of orgasms I felt my balls tighten and my anus clench for a flash of a moment. Then everything let go. The great pumping orgasmic drum inside of me pounded and pulsed as a spike of pure sexual bliss was shoved up my asshole right through my body. My mouth was forced open as the passion hardened spike pierced my gut and forced my mouth open in a silent scream. Hard cruel rapture inducing spasms cascaded from deep inside my asshole.
    I lay on my back on the bed, my back arched and my legs tensed and stiff as the orgasmic waves pounded me again and again and squeezed my cock in syncopated rhythm. For uncountable minutes I was a pebble on the beach in a ferocious storm; the waves pounded me tossing me about in a wash of foamy bliss.
    I had been at this for almost an hour. I needed to pee something fierce. I was afraid if I didn’t go the next spasm might force me to pee in the bed. So reluctantly I got up and leaned towards the bathroom. Standing up the pleasure waves receded and a sense of normalcy returned. My slimy precum was drooling from my cockhead; I tried to catch it in my palm as I walked to avoid leaving a trail on the rug. I sat on the toilet and released a rush of pee in the toilet. I leaned my head in my hands and collected my thoughts. I assured myself that it was over and I could steal another 2 hours of sleep before the radio went off.
    So I went back to bed and climbed in again. J was on her back, her tee shirt up around her tits. She is so sexy in a tee shirt and I love that they leave her virtually naked in bed. So I sidled up to her and put my leg over her upper thighs. The sensitive skin of my own inner thighs felt the bulge of her vulva and the tickle of the downy hair that covered it. My cock had begun to stiffen as the arousal deep inside of me overpowered the orgasmic spasms that fooled my cock into thinking it had cum and made it go soft.
    The sensation of my frenular cleft pressing on her warm skin opened my anus for invasion. As assurances that I was done were washed away by sensations of exquisite sensation organizing I surrendered. Slowly I breathed and relaxed as totally as I could. In a silent whisper to my orgasmic mistress I told her to take me. With my hand caressing J’s warm breast my mistress coyly slid her hand into my anus. I clung to my sweet J as mysterious and wicked feminine sensuality reached deep into my asshole to grope at the swollen source of my pleasure. However this time instead of taunting me to orgasm she teased me and was gently stroking my prostate, blowing the warm breath of her feminine desire on it, and coaxing it to swell. shudder and quiver to her tender mercies.
    Instead of convulsing in agonizingly sweet spasms my prostate began to pulse gently and radiate erotic warmth that seemed to soak through my body. Slowly the warmth spread and sensations of anguished ecstasy quietly screamed inside of me. My nipples hardened and erected, my perineum tightened as I felt divine pressure in on my golden spot. My skin tingled and a long lugubrious peal of rapture rang inside of me with the subtle pealing of agonizing pleasure.
    The orgasm wrapped around my entire body, swaddling me to be reborn, soothing me and singing a warm song of euphoria that washed all thoughts of resistance from my mind . In a thunderous rush I was thrust into a quiet warm still place that permeated my body and touched places in me that I never knew were there. As the fingers of this blissful sensation reached into me my brain was overwhelmed by white hot soft rapture.
    In the haze of pure unadulterated pleasure I felt I was able to gather my wits to consider a rational thought. In the slow motion euphoric bliss that held me I reasoned that I had been carried to see the face of Nirvana.
    I hung in this deeply sensual excruciatingly soft state of ecstasy for a couple of minutes. I savored it and drank it in as deeply as I could. I didn’t want to leave. I tried to stay as long as I could but slowly she released me and I was back on earth lying next to the lady I love. I had drooled a stream of precum onto her thigh that ran onto the sheets.
    I was amazed I hadn’t woken her. I lay there and let sleep claim me for the hour until my alarm would go off.
    I had just found a new neighborhood. I am not sure I could find my way there again; it’s a big complicated city.

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      06/03/2015at8:13 pm

      I rode my eupho when I read this. It felt like i was you and felt every move and action in your ride. I MMO'ed through the who thing with a jockstrap now wet in the front form the flow of pre cum. You have a way with words brother. Yet again i enjoyed the ride.

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