• Underwear unveiled (my take)

    Hi guys,

    Again it has been many days since I have submitted an entry to my Aneros blog. I did have an Aneros session in nine days until this morning on Columbus Day. I was distracted by various things, mostly the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation saga played out. Like many Americans I came away that contest bruised and exhausted.

    Fortunately late last night my horniness came alive after reading some porn and viewing sexually suggestive pics on tumblr. My cock wanted to come out and play. I wanted to indulge him in a bate session, but I was too tired. So I donned one of my All-Star Shock Jock Cup w/supporter combos and went back to bed, and slept like a baby.

    I enjoy reading @goldenboy’s blog entries very much because he tells it like it is especially when he talks about jocks and cups and the Aneros. He did so well in his latest blog entry “Underwear, unveiled.”

    As for myself, I think my dad was a real cool guy in 1950’s America for being an exhibitionist at least at home. He was a Little League umpire in my hometown during the summer months. On game nights, after supper he would dash about the house buck naked with his cock flopping about on the way to my parents bedroom where he would don his navy blue umpire uniform. As I was entering puberty, I discovered he wore a jockstrap underneath. His Johnson & Johnson men’s large jockstrap had a huge pouch. His dick was a much larger version of mine. We we’re both circumcised and we both have a bulbous glans.

    However outside of game times, my dad was a staid man, working for the U.S. Post Office and a devoted son of the Congregational Church on our town green. Also my dad wore boxers. He was product of 1950’s America in Connecticut.

    My brothers and I in those years wore briefs by BVM. My parents bought us clothes at a men’s clothier in a city nearby. This store carried underwear not only BVM but also by Munsingwear and Jockey. Munsingwear still has its signature Kangaroo Pouch briefs with horizon or H-front flies. Jockey has its signature Y-front briefs, but in recent decades had added briefs with H-fronts. I thick both Munsingwear and Jockey are downright sexy, This store the classic BIKE wheel jockstraps as well. I got real horny when we visited this store, however I had to wait until college when I could buy underwear and jockstraps for myself.

    The only cup jockstraps of note in those years were by BIKE and Flarico. Athletic cups in those years were the traditional triangular flat cups with ten ventilation holes. These cups were downright uncomfortable to wear but they hardly fit nor contained your “junk.” BIKE and Shock Doctor brought out the first banana, contoured cups giving complete and comfortable coverage to guys genitals. Such cups reach underneath your scrotum and touch your perineum. I noticed this instantly when I bought my BIKE banana cups in April 1986 which opened for me new powerful eroticism.

    That is why I so much enjoy wearing a jock and cup to bed most nights. Not only are my cock and balls are stimulated, but also my perineum. Often I am so turned on that I am very close to the PONR! 🙂

    So this morning, I was especially turned on after nine days of absolute abstinence from the Aneros. I used my much customary Aneros tools of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE and had an exquisite session. I had a super sweet session of absolute connection with my Aneros buddies. In recent months, I don’t strive to achieve Super-O’s or MMO’s. I just let them happen. Now I just come to my session, just to experience the Aneros and then just carry this all over in the Aless. Diddling my nipples is a great help both in session and in Aless, especially at night.

    Researchers have discovered recently that wearing boxers as underwear or going commando is a great help boosting your sperm fertility in begetting children. That may be so. But many guys enjoy wearing briefs and boxer briefs for the support they give a guy.

    Jockstraps and cup jocks support and protect a guy’s “junk” while giving that bare ass feel. Jockstrap and cup jocks have a pouch for a guy’s genitals and just leg straps for his butt. That why such items are intensely erotic to me.

    However since the middle or late 1990’s, many guys prefer wearing compression shorts for the intense support they give guys. Quite a few compression shorts are made for cups.

    Right now as I bring this blog entry to a close, I am wearing a BIKE jockstrap underneath my cargo shorts and diddling myself. I am on the plateau leading to the PONR on the summit of sexual arousal. Take care!


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      10/10/2018at9:26 pm

      Thanks bigglans for this article on the heels of Goldenboys blog post. I enjoyed reading your journey. I take it you have seen your dad erect……..maybe not. How have you concluded that you inherited your huge glans from him?

      As a boy on the farm, I saw my dads penis in just a few very quick glances at discreet and opportune times as we worked in the fields and woods and answered natures call to take a leak in the midst of the work. I certainly did not get to study his package, but I now conclude as an adult that my penis in now much like the quick glances that I saw of his tool. I never saw dad erect, but he did tell me it took eight inches to satisfy a woman. Imagine that for a teenage boy still growing and no where near eight inches. That remark stayed with me on my honeymoon night and my first introduction into intercourse.

      Thanks for sharing. I must get me a BIKE jockstrap and the cups (and other jockstraps such as shockdoctor) you and Goldenboy talk about. To keep you at the PONR is a foreign concept that I find absolutely delicious. Wish and pray that on me.

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      10/11/2018at1:40 am

      @Turnrow, Actually both my parents were Victorian when it came to sexual matters most of their lives. Remember all this happened in the early 1960’s. Actually my dad was very modest, except when flashing about on Little League nights in the summertime when he rushed about after supper getting ready to get suited up as an umpire. Also he never showed his erect penis at me ever. Sex was a private matter, reserved for the bedroom with my mother.

      BIKE jockstraps and cups are no longer made. BIKE was a subsidiary of Russell Athletic which ended the BIKE line about three years ago.

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      10/11/2018at3:39 am

      @Turnow, I have more information for you about the jocks and cups you have been search for:

      Since the BIKE line has been discontinued by Russell Athletic, its parent company, the manufacturer of BIKE jockstraps has been replaced by GYM. See: https://www.jockstraps.com/Brand/gym-jockstrap/47/

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