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    Hello Guys, well i`ve had my MGX for about 2 years now and after the odd session here and there I am only now able to feel the deep pleasure that prostate stimulation can give to us men….!!! Recently and after reading further about relaxing properly i have been getting deeper and more intense surges in my belly and groin area, I have easily been able to get the shaking full body movements but not the really intense peaks and edging that i have now been experiencing. Last week i began to develop tingling in my feet, legs and then slowly working the sensation up into my chest and shoulders and then BAM I had the most beautiful and intense waves of pure bliss extend outwards in every direction starting in my groin area and moving upwards and outwards like a sonar ping. Tears immediately formed in the corners of my eyes and began streaming down my face, I then had a few smaller waves of pleasure ripple through me then it subsided. What also happened at the same time was a wonderful muscular pumping sliding feeling deep inside that felt truly incredible. I have been sharing this new world of amazing pleasure with my wonderful woman, she is so happy that I can experience this depth of pleasure, she has always teared up when she orgasms which is multiple times in minutes or over an hour or so. She describes her orgasms as waves of pure bliss that surge from within her belly and make her scream and cum really hard (she also squirts) From sharing this with her I now have an new understanding why women who are in touch with their bodies get off so well and why they are so damn vocal about it. Its a wonderful feeling guys to know that we men can also experience MMO and that so deep and satisfying that last and last, I feel so much more connected to her now as well, I look forward to further fun and orgasms with her teasing me too, Wow a whole new world of pleasure is opening up guys, hey we dont need a clit or vagina to experience this depth of pleasure and multi orgasms, it was always with us we just didnt know where to look to unlock this potential until recently……if you have a loving woman (or man) in your life that cares for your pleasure as much as their own then you will unlock so much hidden pleasure potential that you never knew you had. Thankyou to the Aneros company for bring pure joys to the lives of thousands of men….Wow…….

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      09/09/2016at12:34 am

      @uncutwilly, your blog is inspiring! I’m happy you are able to share your experience with your lady; I’m envious. My wife of 39 years would not understand as for her, the back door is for one purpose only and a dirty one at that. I’m ok with it so the Aneros pleasure is all mine!

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