• Ultimate Male/Male (Particularly for Straights!!): Virtual Mutual Intercourse

    This is my post from ten_s_nut's General Discussion forum thread on anal erotics possibilities:
    Great discussion men and increasingly informative poll, thanks ten_s_nut!!
    (QUOTE) Originally Posted by ten_s_nut
    Thanks for the comments, rip and priapusone.
    One thing that has surprised me about this poll is the low number for "Intercourse." Given that at least 30% of the site membership are Gay or Bi, wouldn't you expect more guys to check that box?
    Dave (CLOSE QUOTE)
    Progasm was designed for the gay market here according to BF Mayfield in a post at: *Male Sexual Orientation Here
    At the same time I was first considering Aneros, and mrs. a and I took our trip together to the store in the Big City to equip ourselves for our mutual adventure, I was a member on a European male sex and health website. One of my friends there was a gay man and a gay men's health worker. I championed Aneros there and we added numbers in this forum for some time.
    My friend when we were discussing this topic, said that 50% or more of gay relationships do NOT include penile/anal intercourse at all. Yet he said almost all include mutual anal/prostate fingering. So our Wedding Band position (mrs. a and I), which is a fantastic hetero-couple expansion practice, is a highly popular gay-couple practice. That may explain why your option of Manual Prostate Massage is as high a percentage as it is.
    Dave I did not include "intercourse" in my voting either, although I have experience with it from my youth experiments. The key thing is that it is not so much the penis inside you, butt all that is attached to it, and all the varied attitudes and priorities of two men that may come into some degree of conflict.
    Being penetrated and ploughed, by a male friend even, is a complex and delicate balance that can easily create other issues and imbalance in the m/m friendship, in my experience, having both bottomed and topped with my youth gay relationship friend.
    The poll results Dave do not surprise me. I know from the discussions cited above, that males who start as macho tops, often wonder why their bottom is getting so much great action during their sessions, and then discovers their prostate to the point of becoming curious about being penetrated themselves. They and their partners often become versatile together and flip-flop becomes the order of the day.
    However, based on the ongoing Energies Exchanging-at-a-distance Sharing experiments still going on and exploring further here, I am thinking I could have ticked "Intercourse" in the energies sharing-at-a-distance sense. A few months ago now, a fellow Anerosian and long-time partner in these experiments were doing a coached session with me the active one and he the coach.
    I was in the floating bliss mode and headed higher when suddenly I felt that I was physically being penetrated, and by his cock! This was totally unexpected and completely new. The visuals came into focus and it was hot hot crimson, orange and gold vibrant energies filling my anorectal sheath and pouring this into my prostate, and yet it all continued feeling physically to me as if he were penetrating me. At first startling, it became exquisitely pleasurable. It felt like the astounding initial bottoming I did in my youth, and way beyond that too.
    Because this energies work is not restricted to replicating the physically possible, after we later tried this with me coaching him, we tried doing a simultaneous mutual penetration (SMP) of us both together!! He is straight, I straight-bi. You have to remember that this is all hands-off, hands-free, pure body energies responses, although some guys who have experimented with this break that guideline and have touched to ejac.
    SMP worked beyond words for us in our experiment. Far more beyond what an actual one-on-one physically could produce. Energetically, it sets up a very very intense compact energies cycle looping the two cocks/prostates in anorectal/prostate sheathed contacts: a NanoCosmic Orbit of great speed and power. I named this Male "Nuclear Fusion" or "groinjoin"!!
    Imagine siamese twins, both males, with their bodies joined at the groin, each with their cock and balls positioned such that their erections go directly into the other's anus, if you need to have a physical image of this. Energetically, none of that matters. So I have taken this experiment to several other Anerosians, the next one being gay, and it worked vast wonders there too.
    So if two guys, of whatever orientation, are sufficiently energies sensitive, and can make the at-a-distance energies connection and stay hands-off; they can achieve this ultimate male union virtually that is beyond any actual physical event's possibilities. Virtual energetic shared total male being. It leaves with a permanent new perspective and power.
    In the spirit of rook's additions to your first pass list Dave, I'll add
    "Virtual Mutual Intercourse" ,
    another pure energies ecstatic totality… Thanks very much again for raising this question!!
    all the best men's health and ecstasies for hungry holes/prostates of all orientations all
    Rip replied:
    art –
    sounds like safe sex …
    for those with butthole hunger
    – rip
    artform replies:
    It is safe and healthy indeed. It is also an energetics answer to the Plato's challenge of the four dimensions of the full male being. It has a high order spiritual dimension, and in many was transcends sex, in the sense of hormone driven reproductive drives. Those drives are core male experiences, whatever the orientation, and have multiple roles in forming and enhancing human partnerships, couples, ideally for a lifetime.
    Yet even as we are experiencing a form of male individual, and couples, liberation here as Aneros practice people, part of that is a new freedom about our anorectal anatomy and its wide-ranging and astoundingly rich sensorium for our whole body and whole being.
    Not so long ago, anal penetrative activity used to be seen medically as the final proof of homosexuality as a pathology diagnosis. Not only has that pathologizing been scientifically discredited and abandoned, butt heterosexual men have discovered its joys, centred on Prostate Awakening and the move into the world of the full spectrum of Tao-defined energies, and powerfully orgasmic to vast spiritual and healing energetics.
    So we naturally gravitate to the greatest potential human values expression of this new freedom and the celebration of its full powers at all levels. And with a joyous sense of humour, we can apply the old disparaged vernacular as a simple poetic of this new male liberation, community, and energized lifetime health, well-being and sustaining vitality.
    New health, pleasure and purpose beyond imitation sex. Up with "butthole hunger" or "ass hungry" or whatever phrases erupt and subside, and those that filter to become the Aneros era's new vernacular. Hallelujah!!!

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