• Two hot Progasm Classic rides, Nov. 28 & Dec. 5, 2020

    Hi guys,

    Last Saturday morning, November 28 and this Saturday morning, December 5, I had two amazing Progasm Classic rides just before sunrise. These rides produced wonderful Aless. These Progasm two Classic rides happened about after two years of disuse.

    A guy on a masturbation web site in October 2011 told me all about the health and sexual benefits of self-administered prostate massage which the Aneros produces. So in late December 2011, I ordered for my use the original models of Helix, MGX, and Progasm. However I was afraid to use them because I was unacquainted with anal play. When Aneros began marketed Helix Syn in March 2012, I ordered that model which opened soon after for me the benefits and pleasures of prostate massage. Helix Classic, MGX Classic, and Progasm Classic soon after joined my Aneros sessions.

    The Progasm Classic seems to be formidable model to use because of its girth and its aggressive prostate capacity. All you do is just relax and let this model work on your prostate. Gentle nipple diddling and occasional Kegels are only necessary to actuate the massage action of the Progasm. You will be reward with lovely Aless which lasts throughout the day and in the evening as you go to bed.

    Take care!

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