• Two, favorite models (session for Saturday morning, May 2)

    Hi guys,

    This morning around sunrise I had an Aneros session, my first in three weeks. This morning I used two of old and favorite models, the classic Maximus and Progasm ICE which I haven’t used in many months and even in several years. I used them while lying on a couple thin cushions and a towel. The lying position is perhaps the most favorite of Aneros users. It is a position during which you can relax and let Aneros models work on you. Also you can have more control on the action of the models. I used both approaches this morning which gave me absolute satisfaction and awesome Aless which I am enjoying right now.

    Maximus is a rather thick model which gives you great penetration. Progasm ICE has girth and sleekness which creates its distinctive magical action.
    I was amazed by how these two models worked on me when I relaxed. When I diddled my nipples some during the session, that in itself, revved up the “fuck” action of the models in giving both my prostate and anal musculature a thorough workout.

    During these weeks of stay-at-home orders and quarantine, it is mostly at night that I can shut out the blast of COVID-19 headlines and diddle my nipples off and on through the night. As I have said in my recent blog entries of recent years, I use two basic diddling motions: (1) Back and forth motions across my nipples for a couple minutes. (2) Circular motions of my fingers on my aureoles or the nipples themselves. It is amazing that the even a slightest touch on my nipples is enough to launch into orbit of a Super-O or a MMO or even better to the dalliance with the PONR (Point-of-no-return). Diddling in this fashion off and on through many a night helps me forget my troubles, is certainly health promoting, and makes me feel young. However at the heart of all this is the Aneros and what it has done for me in my eight/nine years of usage. Last night was certainly an erotic night for me!

    This morning’s session has certainly given me awesome Aless. My thoroughly workout prostate and anal musculature are exulting right now. A very good way to interact with Aless is to use the Kegels whether it be a series of anal clutches or an isolated clutch throughout the day. Diddling your nipples is a great way to rev up your Aless.

    I have wonderful and very pleasurable Aless now. However, just now I have read this morning with its very sobering accounts of coronavirus here in the USA and around the world. I wish everyone in our Aneros community good health today. Stay safe and protect yourself, your loved ones and your neighbors. Take care!

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