• Turned another corner?

    Here's some of a post comment I made this morning then I added some comments at the end. Pasted it here instead of rewriting the whole thing.
    Seemed to turn some kind of a corner last night and this morning.
    I think my prostate was still warmed up from the last evening. I don't think I did any kegels first.
    Guys, thanks for your posts! It was just at the right time to pick up something you said !
    Turnrow, after I read your email yesterday, I followed some of your threads and came across this one.
    I'd heard people encouraging to relax but )with my impatience( I never went anywhere with it.
    I Probably haven’t experienced the super–O’s yet, but this evening I tried what you described smudgefish, and went into Dry–orgasms from it.
    [Quote from smudgefish: I think it was @Canacan who described relaxing every muscle, and the relaxing even more, which is pretty much what I did; someone else has described it as going 'floppy'.] So in my first try, After about a minute of trying to relax this way, I felt pwaves and the start of a dry–O. But then I immediately I lost it, like you mentioned Smudgefish, I just tensed up against them, and this kept on happening )which mad me more tense(…
    So it took maybe 15 minutes of re–trying, and finally a Dry–O started )?!( and I was able to follow it with some nipple stimulation, and it blossomed into a 15 minute rolling orgasm )!(. Yippee!!!
    Then I tried what someone else suggested elsewhere, and focused to move the orgasm center from my prostate up my spine.
    That changed the whole tone somehow )!(, and it felt like my whole body was slightly involved in the orgasm and it became more intense. A bunch of times when the orgasm seemed to be slowing down, refocusing it up the spine shifted it back into high intensity.
    So after 20 min, I had enough and drifted off to sleep.
    But then I awoke around 5:30 am, and figured I’d try relaxing again to see what happened. This time with one or two tries it resumed right where it left off and I had a couple of Dry–O’s and then another 15 minute rolling one, then a few  more over the next 20 min.
    During that long one, I noticed that I was sort of clenched up, so I tried relaxing in the midst of the Dry–O, and then my body started twitching and rock & rolling, like I’d seen in several Super–O videos. )The O was rolling along and I was rolling around!(
    By that time my body was flushing – neck, chest and thighs, so it was pretty intense.
    So you've opened up a new door…  I have to experiment more with relaxation )and take it more seriously( ! I think I just advanced to a next level with your guys help!
    Thanks again guys for taking the time to post.
    So during the last session, I started feeling quivering pwaves in my butt, and I think it's what one guy described for Super–O feelings: Butterflies in the Butt. Not sure, and would love it to be a Super–O, but the jury's still out.
    The big takeaways were the total relaxation and trying to move the orgasm up the spine.
    This is also the first time I've had an intense Dry–O session on my back. I did the total relaxation thing that started the orgasms on my back and it went right in to O. Previously, I could only start them on my side. So this is new too. I could even do them after this on my stomach, but didn't spend a lot of time with that.
    Later today I had a few spare minutes just after lunch, so had to lay down for a few min and try it.
    Amazed that it worked again now 6 hours later. I think I know how to relax and what to expect. After less than a min of relaxing, I felt just a small orgasmic contraction. So relaxed again with nipple stimulation, and it took off. Tried to move the center up my spine and it got more intense.
    Didn't stick with it long, but I certainly could have had a whole session if I'd had time )and privacy! Bouncing around on the bed makes noise!!(

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