• Tuesday morning session "quickie" 8/23/2016 ; Kegels do work! Yeah, especially with Aless! *

    Hi guys,
    Last night we had a low of 64 here, so different from weeks of heat and humidity, when we have lows in the 70’s even low 80’s in high summer here. So I slept reasonably last night, but even if these days the sun rises at 6:30 a.m., I get up early because I live the life of a disciplined retired scholar/librarian.
    I decided to have a session this morning because early tomorrow Wednesday I appointment away from the apartment. So I brought out in order my favorite Aneros tools: MGX, Helix Classic, and Maximus. I love the ribbed action of MGX, the direct, fairly aggressive action of Helix Classic, and the penetration that Maximus gives me. This morning I allowed these three models to work for me, although I did perform sets of Kegels on them. The session only lasted about an hour.
    The directions for use of either Pro-State Massagers as manufactured by High Island Health, Inc and the Aneros massagers as manufactured by Aneros, Inc. suggest sessions two or three times a week, 20-45 minutes per session.
    New Aneros users may require sessions that last even longer. I am try to shorten my sessions gradually. It is difficult to do that when sessions are so laden with desire.
    Oh, I so want to get the Classic Aneros from the Original Aneros product line as advertised on #FlashbackFriday on Aneros.com! I wonder if the Classic Aneros model is the first Aneros model so marketed. It is actually the Pro-State PS-New manufactured by High Island Health, Inc. of Houston, TX. http://www.highisland.com/detail.php?categoryid=1&productid=2
    The Pro-State PS-New has two nodules on its head which facilitate direct contact with the prostate during session. It also has a ribbed stem. In a way, it has a nodding resemblance to PS-2 (MGX). I so much want to get a PS-New real soon!
    Wednesday noon update:
    I have been sitting here in a daze for nearly two hours trying to put into perspective what happened to me on the bus earlier today. I got up early intending to transact some business what was to last much of the day. Alas, the prospect didn’t pan out, so I returned home just before 10 a.m. Well, on the bus on the way to my appointment, I decided to engage my Aless in a series of Kegel reps which got sweeter and sweeter laden with sexual power. With the help of my Aneros sessions, I have been performing the Kegels since June 2012. It seems that my Kegel practice took a quantum leap this morning. What I discovered the morning, as in recent weeks, is that my pelvic floor muscle strength has increased greatly through a regimen of the Kegels. When I do a long Kegel, I feel this muscle strength which is elastic. In the midst of this is the sweetness found in long Kegels. That is how I should engage my Aless for now on!
    Program of Kegel reps
    1. Do 10 reps of quick Kegels. Then do 15, then 20, 25, 30, as much as you feel comfortable doing. Include breathing exercises with the reps.
    2. Then 10 reps of slower Kegels with breathing in for contraction, breathing out for release. These reps are slower, a rep lasting 2-3 seconds. Then do 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. of these slower reps. Add stimulation of nipples, chest, abs, thighs, and feel the pleasure and sexual energy building.
    3. For advanced Kegelers, do sustained Kegels of 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. a piece. Do five or ten or fifteen of these with rhythmic breathing (in for contraction, out for release) and feel the pleasure and sexual energy increase, revving up your Aless, feeling all this energy enter your penis and testicles, your entire genital apparatus, your entire body and your entire male consciousness. The contraction and release of a sustained Kegel can last 10, 15, or 30 seconds along with inhaling and exhaling. Do six or twelve of these in the beginning. Only seasoned, advanced Kegelers should attempt these. You will feel the sexual energy with accompanying sexual pleasure building with these Kegels which is so satisfying.
    Kegel reps are effective sitting, wearing a jockstrap (and an athletic cup), or snug swim trunks, naked, and lying down in bed. Do Kegels when you are masturbating, jacking off, or just playing with your penis and your scrotum. You will feel a reborn, eternal adolescent.
    Kegels can be done anytime too, riding public transportation, in the office, attending meetings or church, even walking or waiting in line.
    Also a good Aneros session gives a guy a well-exercised anal canal/musculature and prostate which not produces powerful, sweet Aless, but also enhances the Kegels. Kegels, along with erogenous zone stimulation and focused, rhythmic breathing revves up a guy’s Alessness and prepares him for the next Aneros session!

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      @BigGlansDC: $40 is a good price for the PS-NEW. HIH current price is $48 + $6 shipping.

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