• Tuesday morning session, February 27 : I really needed it!

    Hi guys,
    This morning I woke up fairly early around 3 a.m., but laid in bed comfortably listening to the BBC before getting up customarily in the five o’clock hour. I had an erotic night however wearing one of my favorite jocks and cups securely in one of my Munsingwear Kangeroo Pouch boxer briefs. What sweet and powerful foreplay!
    After shaving, I got some coffee and pastry from my local 7 Eleven. Then I began my session at 6:25 a.m., my first since last Thursday when I had to abort a session due to hiccups and a bad cold. Mercifully the hiccups and the cold went away early last Friday.
    This morning I started with Eupho Syn which I hadn’t used in two years. It is not as aggressive as his older brother, Eupho Classic. But it performed well in a gentle way. However, I prefer the no nonsense attitude of Eupho Classic!
    That prepared me for MGX which is one of my favorite models. MGX tends to hug and embrace my prostate intimately as they do a slow dance. I love the ribbed stem of MGX. This morning I gave MGX some really good quality time. MGX did not disappoint this morning.
    Finally I concluded my session with Progasm ICE which interacted with my prostate and anal musculature in its own special sleek way.
    This morning I got a powerful insight from my session. Dance with your Aneros models. Dance with them as you will and let them dance with your prostate, anal musculature, your whole body and consciousness, in some really and marvelous ways. You will not be disappointed. Continue all this in your Aless.
    Composed while diddling my nipples, Kegeling, and calmly breathing in Aless. Take care!

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